“When you retire, you get small”

Stevie Nicks has been playing music since the age of 5. Her grandfather taught her to sing harmonies, and they performed together in local saloons all around Phoenix, Arizona. Her mother wanted her to be an actress, but after a horrible experience in her school play, Nick rejected the idea. The music had already seeped into his heart, anyway.

She later met Lindsey Buckingham and started touring with her band, Fritz. They joined Fleetwood Mac in 1975, and the rest is history. Today, Nicks is one of rock’s most famous frontwomen. So why would she ever want to retire? Nicks is currently enjoying some of the most exciting years of his career. Why waste in retirement? Music and entertainment are all she knows.

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Stevie Nicks will never retire

Nick said Rolling stone in 2017 that she will never retire. Regardless of her age, she will try to keep giving fans what they want. However, Nicks hasn’t continued all these years just for the fans; she does it for her too. She has to stick to it because someone has already given her some interesting retirement advice.

“I will never retire,” she said. “My friend Doug Morris, who’s been president of, like, all the record companies, once told me, ‘When you retire, you get little. Stand up straight, put your heels on and go out and do stuff.

Nicks became even busier in her later career. She filmed two cameos in Ryan Murphy’s american horror story, she was inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame a second time, she continued to do inspiring work with the USO. Not to mention that she’s still touring solo and with Fleetwood Mac.

Nicks has so much more that she wants to do, even if it’s not recording new albums or singing her hits to thousands of fans.

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Nicks wants to do a project outside of music

In the same Rolling Stone interview, Nicks touched on what else she wants to do in her career, and that doesn’t involve music. The project revolves around a character she made popular through one of her most famous songs, “Rhiannon”.

“I want to do a mini-series for the stories of Rhiannon and the Gods of Wales, which I think would be a fantastic thing, but I don’t have to retire from being a rock star to do that.” . I can fit it all in, ”Nicks explained. During the live performances of ‘Rhiannon’ Nicks introduced the song saying, ‘This is a song about a Welsh witch. However, Nicks later clarified that Rhiannon was truly a mighty goddess.

Nicks also said Vulture that she hopes to someday make a cartoon based on the Buckingham Nicks song “Goldfish and the Ladybug”.

However, these projects are “manner down the line, ”she told Vulture. “It’s, like, when I’m 70 and I can rent a castle in Scotland on the ocean and take all my books and go there and write. I have all these amazing projects that I will never get, for years and years and years and years. So the things that I can get to now, you have to start. Basically stop wasting time.

Well, Nicks is 73 now, and we’re still waiting for a “Rhiannon” miniseries and a “Goldfish and the Ladybug” cartoon, among other projects.

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Nicks doesn’t feel his age

Despite having a horrible sleep schedule and getting whipped at shows, Nicks told Rolling Stone she didn’t feel her age, which was 68 at the time. In fact, she thought she looked pretty good for 68, compared to other people younger than her.

“I don’t like this number,” she said. “I see a lot of people my age, and a lot of people who are younger than me, and I’m like ‘Wow, these people look really old.'”

Nicks thinks that if you want to look young you give it a try. Some people just don’t bother to try. “I think it’s because they haven’t tried,” she said. “If you want to stay young, you have to make an effort. If I want to walk on stage in a short chiffon skirt and not look completely inappropriate for my age, I have to get there. Or you just throw in the towel and let your hair turn white and look like a clumsy old woman. I will never go there.

We love that Nicks tries to put an effort into everything she does, whether it’s with her looks or her career. There are plenty of fans out there who would gladly pay to hear Nicks sing “Rhiannon” for years and years to come.

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