What is the song in the Heartstopper trailer and who performs it?

Netflix released the trailer on Wednesday, March 16, for the highly anticipated upcoming love story, coming of age, Heart stroke, based on the webcomic series of the same name by artist and writer Alice Oseman. The Netflix series stars Joe Locke as Charlie Spring and Kit Connor as Nick Nelson, who portrays two students at an all-male school who develop a friendship that eventually grows into something more.

The trailer, which was shared by the streamer on his social media and revealed its April 22 release date, was warmly received by Twitter users, with fans of the graphic novel also heading to the platform. to share their enthusiasm for the outing. a spectacle.

“Beyond the excitement of seeing my favorite graphic novel on screen! Can’t wait for #Heartstopper to come out on #Netflix” twitter user wrote, and a second added, “Anyone else getting goosebumps during the #Hearstopper trailer? The song is beautiful!”

The song used during the trailer for Heart stroke was a huge subject of discussion some of the fans are wondering what is the name of the song in the trailer and which artist is behind it, if you are also wondering the same question then wonder no more we have the answer for you below !

What’s the song in the Heartstopper trailer?

Shortly after Netflix dropped the preview on Twitter, a British singer known professionally as Baby Queen took to herself Twitter page to reveal that she is the artist behind the catchy tune. The song, she revealed, is called “Colors of you”, and will also be released on the same day (April 22) as the show.

According to reports, colors of you will be Baby Queen’s first new single of 2022, following her recent release of aspirant, in November.

Currently, the British-South African singer has a few more songs, which you can check out and listen to on her official YouTube or Spotify.