‘Voice’ Champs Girl named Tom mourns the death of their father

Girl Named Tom, the trio of siblings who won season 21 of The voicemourn the death of their father, Chris Liechty.

The group – Caleb, Joshua and Bekah Liechty – updated fans on social media on Sunday January 30 with a video post. “Key points: 1. Thank you. 2. We’re hurting. 3. We’re okay,” they wrote in the caption.

“We just wanted to come here and say thank you very much for all your condolences, your sympathy, the kindness that you showered on us. [through] this whole process,” Bekah says in the clip, which was filmed backstage ahead of their show at Bellafontaine, Ohio’s Holland Theater on Sunday night. It’s one of many engagements the newcomers have on the books, as their star continues to rise after their winning season on The voice.

Even though they mourn the loss of their father, they still play these shows, for two very important reasons.

“Yeah, we have three shows the weekend after our dad passed away. You might be wondering, ‘Why would we do that?’ So did we, sort of. But we went and put them away so we can really get into processing his death and planning his memorial service,” says Caleb.

“And he really wanted us to do these shows,” adds Joshua. “He was talking about his death and he was like, ‘Don’t let my death deter you from doing these shows.'”

The band mates don’t have entirely listen to their father’s advice: they canceled a show on Thursday (January 27) – “We couldn’t make it,” Bekah notes – but they hope to honor their father’s memory by playing as many of their scheduled shows as possible . they can.

“He’ll be with us tonight,” Joshua thought to himself. “And so we’re just happy to be able to sing while we’re still here, and sing for him, and for everyone else as well.”

Girl Named Tom has shared updates with her fans on their dad’s declining health in recent months. During the Battle Rounds episode of The voice, they revealed his terminal cancer diagnosis, singing Glen Campbell’s “Wichita Lineman” in his honor. In mid-December, they shared that their father was in “horrible pain from another operation.”

The siblings also expressed the influence of both parents on their careers.

“We grew up listening to mom sing in the church choir and watching dad play the drums,” they previously shared. “Mom loved to hear us play the piano while she did the dishes, and BOY made us practice. Dad often came to our room at night (we shared a room for a while!) and played his guitar and sang for put us to sleep. He has excellent writing skills and we credit a lot of our inspiration to him.”

Girl Named Tom won season 21 of The voice for the Kelly Clarkson team. Team Blake Shelton’s Wendy Moten was second and Team Blake’s Paris Winningham placed third.

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