VANTE will release their self-titled debut album in June; “Why Is It So Cold” Music Video Released

Vante announces their self-titled debut album via Dark Star Records. The new full CD will be available on June 17 at all retailers worldwide as well as all digital stores. The first single, “Why Is It So Cold” is out now, along with a video that can be viewed below. Stream the song here.

Brian Troch, lead singer, “Vante is thrilled to share the culmination of an ongoing year and a half journey.” Brian adds, “I am personally very excited to finally be able to share the fruits of our intense journey that culminated in this powerful 14-song debut album from Vante. As for Scott McClellan and myself, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Rev Jones, Chris Moore and Jeff Tortora. The first single and video, Why Is It So Cold is an intense number that I think will resonate with people. »

“Vante is a bunch of incredible musicians from killer bands, and this new album brings out the best in all of them, creating a new sound that’s heavy and cool as hell.” – Jeffrey A. Swanson / President / Dark Star Records

Vante acutely senses the existential threat of a world consumed by materialism and greed, and searches for a compassionate soul in the barren wasteland of the dormant collective mind. Revelation can be found in altered states, where pleasure provides a temporary response in a world filled with confusion. Channeling their outrage at the mass apathy that has created a chaotic and out-of-control world, Vante offers a taste of hope for rebirth in a more loving and compassionate world. Vante retrieves the animal within, in an apocalyptic vision that prophesies a spiritual rebirth through all-out rebellion. They see that the sky is painted red and we refuse to submit.

With a solid metal cred, Vante brings together five legendary musicians Brian Troch, Scott McClellan, Rev Jones, Chris Moore and Jeff Tortora who have toured the world and recorded with mega metal bands such as Hammeron, Cyclone Temple, Michael Schenker Group, Steelheart, Tony Martin.

Guitarist Scott McClellan picked up his first guitar at age nine and started composing music at age fourteen. Spending his formative years in Long Beach, California, where the streets were dirty and rife with trouble, McClellan found his salvation in music. After moving to Illinois and becoming a dedicated trader, he spent twenty-five years in Pantera tribute bands (Cemetery Gatez, Domination), where he mastered the virtuoso guitar riffs of Dimebag Darrell. McClellan wields his slender guitar lines like a knife in a bar fight, but he writes with the soul of a poet. For him, Vante’s debut album comes hot on the heels of releasing an album with Black Sabbath’s Tony Martin titled “Thorns” and completing “This is My War” with Breed of Aggression.

Singer/multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Brian Troch taps deep into the eternal void and takes us with him. Rich in meaning and heavy with the spirit of catharsis, Troch’s vocals promise to awaken a sleeping generation from their mortal slumber. Joining Hammeron, Troch performed on the MTV Halloween Horror Show with Motley Crue at Limelight in Chicago. Troch then joined Cyclone Temple and signed with Combat/Relativity records, opening for Death Angel at Milwaukee’s Metal Fest and touring with Napalm Death and Obituary. Leading Shooting Hemlock, his band played to packed crowds where the singer found his groove, feeding on the sheer electricity of maniacal fans.

Bassist Rev Jones hails from Oklahoma’s Tornado Alley playing with the energy of a violent storm. Rev is known not only for his unconventional techniques, but also for the unforgettable visual experience he brings to every performance. With his two-handed tapping style and over-the-neck fingering technique, he riffs like crazy on stage and backstage. He has toured with Michael Schenker Group, Steelheart, Mountain, Fuel, Black Symphony, Rev Jones Band and many other prestigious bands.

Drummer Jeff Tortora has a musical history with vocalist Brian Troch, as both answered the call in 1996 to form Shooting Hemlock. Troch and Tortora reunited to record Vante’s 2021 self-titled debut album, their easygoing chemistry returned. Jeff Totora is as comfortable on the big stage as in the recording studio. In 2000, he was chosen to play with the breathtaking and explosive Blue Man Group and he accepted this percussionist’s dream job to play in front of adoring crowds around the world and even at the Super Bowl halftime show. A true virtuoso, Tortora brings versatility, innovation and above all a hard-hitting energy to all of his performances.

Percussion took root in the soul of drummer Chris Moore from an early age. Known as “Music’s Best Kept Secret”, Chris Moore has recorded with Ultraphonix (with Living Colour’s Corey Glover) and Project Nfidelikah (with Fishbone’s Angelo Moore). He recently performed as an 80s metal drummer for the Rock of Ages 10th Anniversary Tour.

Vante’s self-titled debut album will be released on Dark Star Records/Sony/Universal in early June 2022.

Track list:

“Why is it so cold”
“It’s my life”
“Watch the sunrise”
“Paint It Red”
“Go with the Flow”
“I’m standing”
“Under My Skin”
“Waiting for Reverence”
“Scary Was the Man”
“Thunder and Rain”
“The Road to Shangri-La”
“Never the Slave”

Video “Why is it so cold”:

– Co-produced by Brian Troch, Jaben Pennell and Scott McClellan
– Mixed and Mastered at Vibehouse productions by Jaben Pennell

Vante range:

Brian Troch – vocals, acoustic guitar, guitar, extra bass, keyboards
Scott McClellan – Guitar, lead guitar, bass, acoustic guitar, backing vocals
Rev Jones – Bass guitar, guitar, fretless bass
Chris Moore – Drums
Jeff Tortora – Drums
Jaben Pennell – Hammond B-3 Organ on “The Craving” and “Going With The Flow”
Jenny Franck – Background vocals on “I Stand” and “It’s My Life”