U2 releases new track “Your Song Saved My Life”

U2 has released a new song, “Your Song Saved My Life”.

The Piano Ballad will appear on the soundtrack of the upcoming animated sequel Sing 2, which hits theaters on Christmas Day. You can hear the track below.

Frontman Bono will make his animated screen debut in the film as lion rock star Clay Calloway. The film’s director, Garth Jennings, recently spoke with Weekly entertainment about the tune, saying, “It’s just full of emotion and heart.… He just says,” Okay, this is how we want your audience to feel when they leave the theater. “

The Sing 2 The soundtrack also includes covers of three U2 songs: “Where the Streets Have No Name” (performed by actors Tori Kelly, Taron Egerton, Scarlett Johansson, Reese Witherspoon and Nick Kroll), “Stuck in a Moment You Can ‘ t Get Out Of “(Johansson) and” I still haven’t found what I’m looking for “(Johansson and Bono.)

U2 previewed the song this week on Instagram and TikTok, marking its debut on the latter platform. This month, to celebrate the group’s 30th anniversary album in 1991 Achtung baby, U2 will be posting archival footage of performances and tours on TikTok during their careers.

In 2020, U2 guitarist The Edge revealed that he and Bono turned their attention to making new music right before the lockups started. “I was actually working on new songs with Bono,” he told Jo Whiley on his BBC Radio 2 show. He and Bono were in Dublin writing new songs before the couple came together. separates for quarantine. “I had a decision,” he noted. “Am I going to go to Dublin, or am I going to go to California where my wife was? So I chose to go to the woman, which I think was the right decision.”

Bassist Adam Clayton suggested this summer that several U2 acoustic songs could be on the way. “We recorded acoustic versions of some of our catalogs in different tones and different tempos as a challenge,” he said.

U2 currently has no scheduled concert dates and has not performed live since fall 2019.

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