Troye Sivan’s latest song Angel Baby to be released soon


The young musician weaves personal experiences with aerial rhythms to win hearts

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Posted 02.09.21, 00:09 AM

Troye Sivan’s new song baby angel arrives on September 10th and it is important. The 26-year-old is one of a handful of musicians who are making their mark on the popular music scene while living in Australia. Additionally, Sivan is among the growing number of artists who are giving the LGBTQ community a place in the pop world where shock value usually reigns over meaningful lyrics and experiences.

Appearing primarily as a man with a Snapchat filter on his face, well dressed with a hairstyle that doesn’t mess around while delivering punchy pop anthems. He has been successful for a long time, thanks to his YouTube-ing. From going out on a vlog at the age of 18 to releasing several hit singles, Sivan has the independent vibe that makes the pandemic era bearable.

The songs on his 2020 EP, In A Dream, are high-end dark pop that assembled sad lyrics with excellent production skills. Could you cry thinking of you, find him stumbling over the wreckage of a relationship as Easy is mesmerizing and sad as he sings I can’t even look at you, would you look at the space next door? of your feet? / The wood is warping, the lines are deformed. The most direct song on the EP is the title track about the ex who always appears in dreams, but Stud also remains unforgettable for his infectious melody and straightforward lyrics: You can come, you can come meet me in front of / You have all the muscles and traits i want / and i want what i want, my love.

In fact, Easy is a single that even stands out for its video. The original video has an 80s vibe and is kind of a tribute to David Bowie. Equally enjoyable is the video of the remixed version with American country-pop singer Kacey Musgraves and the production of British musician Mark Ronson.

There was Boy George, George Michael, Sam Smith and many others before Sivan. But he belongs to a wave of singers for whom “outness is factual”. He was fearless. Born in South Africa, he grew up in Perth where he attended a small modern Orthodox Jewish school and started music lessons at the age of seven. Her mother is a former model while her father was once a plumber by trade and then tried several other trades. But the two were united and the childhood was happy, growing up with three siblings. “I didn’t know any homosexuals growing up. I had no idea what life was supposed to be like, ”the singer told The New York Times.

Speaking of Australian musicians, you have to listen to Sydney singer-songwriter Katie Wighton, who has a fantastic single called Good Guy, which marks a break from acoustic music. Then there’s Vera Blue (or Celia Pavey), who has signed with Republic Records in the United States, the home of Lorde and the Weeknd. Lie To Me captures the first steps of a new relationship and feels like a summer breeze. Tim Minchin is another name; if you like Randy Newman’s music, you’ll enjoy songs from his album Apart Together.

In the meantime, wait until September 10 when angel Babe could mark the start of a new campaign for Troye.

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