Tomorrow X Together will release pre-release track, Ring ahead of their return to Japan – details inside

Tomorrow X Together is gearing up for a comeback. Fans are super excited and anticipating their new release. Although it’s not a Korean album but a Japanese one, MOAs are still so excited.
Although there is still time before the release of their Japanese album, TXT will release their pre-release track first. Yes, before their album, they will release a self-composed song titled, Ring which will come out first.

The group is set to release their third Japanese single, good boy gone bad. It will be released on August 31 while the pre-release track will be released on August 24.

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pop rock song Ring, which means “how to love someone other than yourself”, uses an intense rhythm, poetic guitar loops and an endearing melodic line. The five members will portray their sweet feelings of love through their rich vocals.

According to the details shared earlier, we can see that the track was composed by the group members – Yeonjun, Taehyun, and Hueningkai. It will be rather interesting to see what the boys have in store for everyone else.

Not just the song or the album, but TXT also has another exciting announcement. Ring will serve as the theme for the Japanese program AbemaTV’s, Heart signal Japan.

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Meanwhile, their latest mini album minisode 2: Thursday’s Child released recently. The album debuted at No. 4 on the Billboard 200 chart in May. It also remained at No. 7 on Billboard’s World Albums chart, No. 11 on the Current Albums Top Sales chart, and No. 12 on the Top Albums Sales chart at the start of the month.

With the pre-release song and the upcoming Japanese album, TXT is ready to make a comeback and we are all ready for it.