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In addition to being at the top of the pop music charts, Punjabi tracks also liven up weddings and celebrations in many parts of India. One of those popular Punjabi folk songs, ‘Chitta Kukkad‘, has been beautifully fused with lo-fi music and contemporary rhythms to create what the creators call’ the new wedding hymn ‘.

Created by Akansha Bandari and Sez on the Beat, the new song “Ranjhana” stars actor Sanket Mehta and is released by Velvet Vibes. Crafted with the millennial bride and the feeling of her big day in mind, the song has a fresh sound thanks to Akanksha’s honeyed vocals and contemporary music production from Sez on the Beat.

Since “weddings are now one of the rare occasions where family and friends of all ages come together” and participate in a shared culture, the creators tell IANSlife that using traditional songs fused with modern sounds helps different generations to have fun together while safeguarding our Indian culture.

Adds Miket Kanakia, Velvet Vibes, “When I heard the song ‘Ranjhana’ it really struck me because the lyrics of the song are beautiful and can be connected to our cool and shy brides today. this song with traditional wedding music to make it the perfect wedding hymn for our millennials. ”

“I’ve always loved folk music and Chitta Kukkad is one of my most favorite Punjabi wedding folk songs. So I’m really happy and excited to have had the chance to give it a new flavor and flavor. recreate by adding my own lyrics and melody, ”says singer Akansha Bhandari.

Asked about the song, Sez on the Beat said, “Doing Ranjhana with Akanksha was such a fun experience because we merged Lo-fi and Folk Music into this project and the result was super wavy. Glad to see more of it. labels like Velvet Vibes push that kind of experimental pop sound into the scene. It’s a breath of fresh air. ”

“I literally grew up listening to folk music in Punjab, especially with Chitta Kukkad at family weddings and being able to be a part of a more contemporary version of this iconic song really thrills me. This heartwarming recreation of the song is Cool to your ears and it will surely have you singing in no time at all, ”shares actor Sanket Mehta.-IANS


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