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There comes a time in everyone’s life when we have a transcendent experience or revelation in which we realize that there is something more to this life. Suddenly, in the midst of life’s daily rituals like waking up, getting dressed, going to work, eating and sleeping, we have a glimpse that there is a higher purpose in this world. This moment of realization can occur at any time in life – some have it when they are young while others have it at a later stage in life. Every time he comes, he leaves us transformed. We begin to wonder who we are, why we are here in this world, where do we go when we die, and what our purpose in life is.

Spiritual thirst
It develops in everyone’s life at one point or another. Most people briefly pursue these questions and then find themselves in this world. These questions may resurface in loss, suffering or painful times, but are quickly forgotten again. Some of us, however, have an unquenchable thirst to seek out these answers and pursue them further. Once these burning questions arise, there is no turning back. We are restless until we find the solutions. The moment we turn our eyes to the Lord, the Lord comes to our aid. As the hunger to find answers, to experience more of this divine ecstasy and joy grows within us, we begin to look everywhere for answers.

The divine quest
Read about the life of one of the great saints and mystics, and you will find a life transforming experience that sparked their spiritual quest, and then they continued their quest. When we receive the wake-up call, something familiar resonates within us. We feel like something that we have long forgotten is suddenly remembered. We can read something in a book about God and the soul, and all of a sudden tears can come to our eyes. It is as if we suddenly remember that our true Home is elsewhere. Maybe we are listening to music and the sound of a flute, violin or harp can make us cry. Certain sounds can remind us of much higher music than we once heard. We may meet someone who is in harmony with God, and suddenly we find something very familiar in their eyes. We can feel great peace and comfort in their presence. Our soul can suddenly recognize someone who is in harmony with God. During such moments, our heart begins to fly like a bird. It is not really the happiness of the heart, but of the soul.

Our soul has been trapped in this body and mind for eons. He cried to be heard. Our soul is waiting for us to wake up so that the soul can be released from its imprisonment. Finally, when we live the call to awakening, the soul is ecstatic. The soul sees the chance of its freedom. One can experience the soul as an inner ecstasy and joy.

Seek the answers
If we want to find spiritual answers, we have to go within ourselves and experience our soul. The Lord waited eons for us to wake up. We are a soul, a part of God, and our highest purpose in life is to experience our soul and to experience God.
We have learned from many saints and mystics that by sitting in silence we experience ourselves as souls. Whether we call it meditation, concentration or inversion, the purpose is the same: to experience our real self and God.

Meditation is the way
Through meditation we feel the love, peace and stillness that is within us as we experience our soul which is our true self. It can be practiced by people of any age, religion or belief. It is the process of experiencing our soul by diverting our attention from the outside world and focusing it within. Meditation is the highest form of prayer and opens the doors to the reservoir of untapped wisdom that we carry within us. This knowledge answers all of our spiritual questions about the mysteries of life and death.

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