The Jonas Brothers share the music video for the latest single “Who’s In Your Head?”


Following the release of their latest single “Who’s in your headThe Jonas Brothers shared the vibrant music video directed by Christian Breslauer for the track.

The visual finds the pop trio performing in a performance space heavily decorated with wall instruments. For a moment, the camera goes back and forth between the group and a young woman painting in her studio. Before you know it, the Jonas Brothers are in the paint she’s working on –– dressed in the same pinks and blues to match the vibrant brushstrokes.

This is just one of the surreal visuals in the clip. We later find a confused Joe Jonas sitting in a cafe where his waitress suddenly starts dancing. Soon he is no longer sitting on the terrace, but inside a steaming cup of coffee as if it were a jacuzzi. Nick Jonas later travels through the storm of a woman’s mind as she sits under the dryer in a hair salon.

“Who’s in your head? Find the Jonas Brothers in search of understanding. The song, co-written by Rami Yacoub and Max Martin, details a skeptical partner in a relationship where their other half seems distracted by thoughts of someone else from the past.

“I want to know who’s in your head stealing your heart while I’m still bleeding, who’s in your bed wrapped in your arms while I’m not sleeping,” they sing over the contagious hook that Martin and Yacoub are known for crafts.

After a series of bizarre clashes with expressive painters and people dancing in the streets, the “Who’s In Your Head” music video ends with a final performance by the Jonas Brothers. The group take to the stage outside on a stage set up in downtown Los Angeles, supported by a marching band in front of an audience of smiling listeners, delivering a seemingly happy ending.

Anyone hoping to experience a similar time can see the Jonas Brothers on an upcoming show on their Remember this tour, where “Who’s in your head? Has become a recent addition to the already stacked setlist.

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