The first video has more than 50,000 views


VERULAM musician and producer Trishen Govender’s debut clip has already passed the 50,000 mark in the past two weeks, and it continues.

Govender, aka Sleeping Buddha, gained popularity after touring with South African rapper Sho Madjozi and dance / electronic duo Rudeboyz at the Nyege Nyege Festival in Uganda, considered the most important four-day international music festival in Uganda. East Africa.

He took the path to independence, releasing Area 51, an electronic fusion / Gqom EP (extended playing record) in June of last year. In August, he released a second EP in the spirit of Women’s Month called Aphrodite At Fashion Week. The video is for Galaxies in Your Forehead, a song from this disc.

“Of all the music that I released in my career, I have a very strong connection with this song in particular. I felt it was a good time to release the visuals for this video because there was a spiritual connection when I made this recording. In early 2021, at the height of the second wave of Covid-19 in South Africa, I began to visualize and conceptualize the themes and storyline of Galaxies in Your Forehead. It was a difficult time and this song gave me hope, encouragement and made me feel like a trip. The message I wanted to convey became clearer, ”said Govender.

He said the song represented a journey of self-confidence and knowing who you are in this life.

“The meaning behind the record is captured in its essence in both the visuals and the lyrics. When you improve your perception of life, the quality of all areas of your life increases. When we realize our actual existence or our natural purpose through self-reflection and / or meditation on positive thoughts or outcomes in our life, we find that we are attracting the best of what we want.

“The song also resonated with my own personal journey. I spent months planning this video and its visuals. I felt this record was inspiring, deep, had many layers of positive affirmations and that’s something the world needs right now. It has been a hectic time in the world and it was a good way to bring to life ideas of positive self-confidence that would have a positive impact on people’s lives.

The video describes Govender’s journey as he navigates life in a BMW 8 Series, reflecting on everyday situations with a focus on themes of distractions and life challenges such as bullying and insecurity. It also emphasizes the importance of maintaining focus, passion and purpose.

“It is an incredible feeling to see your dream come true. Since I started my career, even before going to university, I dreamed of making a music video. All the hard work of everyone who was involved is finally paying off and it is a great feeling to see everyone happy with the end product.

The song is written by Naledi Shoro.

“Naledi and I developed this track some time ago. In fact, about three years ago, I produced this song and needed a singer for it. I contacted her because I heard she had an amazing voice from one of my mutual friends. So I brought this to him and we discussed the vision and the direction we wanted to take and we created this. She wrote the lyrics and there was no doubt that she alone would be the perfect singer.

“After the editing and mastering was done, I left it on my hard drive for a while. I knew it was special and, if anything, it turned out to be timeless, in a sense that it’s still as relevant today as it was the day we made it ago. three years.

You can see the video here.


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