Tamra judge says Vicki Gunvalson ‘dodged the lodge’ after reports revealed Steve Lodge was engaged

Tamra Judge, close friend of Vicki Gunvalson The Real Housewives of Orange County says she dodged a bullet upon hearing the news that Gunvalson ex-Fiance Steve Lodge would be engaged.

Judge has been by Gunvalson’s side during his split from Lodge and continues to support Gunvalson when Lodge’s engagement was announced. The judge posted an engagement post on her Instagram Story with “Vicki Gunvalson, you dodged a bullet.” The music playing on the share is “Bye Felicia”. Judge then update sharing adding: “You dodged the Lodge.”

Steve Lodge has confirmed he is getting married in April 2022

Lodge told People that he was engaged to his girlfriend Janis Carlson and that they were planning to get married in April 2022. “I asked Janis on December 20 if she would become Mrs. Steve Chavez Lodge, and she agreed. with joy, “he explained in a statement shared with People. “We will get married in April 2022.”

Vicki Gunvalson from RHOC and Steve Lodge attended Vicki Gunvalson and Volante Skincare launch event in 2017 | Amy Graves / Getty Images

“We are both very excited, incredibly happy, totally in love and look forward to our lives together,” Lodge said. Lodge started dating Carlson in September and she teaches third grade in Orange County.

Gunvalson has yet to comment on the engagement.

Tamra Judge and Vicki Gunvalson believe Steve Lodge used his “RHOC” status

Judge and Gunvalson believe Lodge was using Gunvalson for her RHOC renowned for gaining ground for his candidacy for governor. The judge shared a message of support for Gunvalson on Instagram when she learned that Lodge had already started dating again. Gunvalson then urged his fans and supporters to stop following Lodge immediately.

“Stop following Steve if you do.” Gunvalson shared with fans that Lodge is dating a much younger woman. “He used me, he lied to me, he’s dating a 36 year old man and that’s not what he claims to be. No Christian would do what he did,” he said. she writes on Instagram.

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The judge added: “While you sleep in your bed, run for the governor, use your followers.”

Gunvalson was also stunned to learn that Lodge had brought his new girlfriend to Mexico, which is his happy place. “While I was out of town on a business trip, he took her to my apartment in Mexico! He flaunted in my town of OC kissing in public places. C ‘is disgusting, ”she revealed in the same Instagram feed.

Vicki Gunvalson split from Steve Lodge while filming “RHUGT”

While the judge believes Gunvalson dodged a bullet, Gunvalson was still crushed by the breakup. Dorinda Medley and Judge recently shared that Gunvalson learned her relationship was over while filming The ultimate trip for real housewives.

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“After everything that happened with Vicki and Steve, we kind of saw it happen while we were there,” Medley said on the Two T’s in a Pod Podcast. “It was hard.” The judge then teased that Medley may have delivered some tough love to Gunvalson during the trip.

“Yeah, but it didn’t do me any good,” Medley said. “But I was like, you know you got the old thing. I say it the way it is, but I still make it nice. I said it like it was but I didn’t give it back. nice, but I could see the writing on the wall.

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