Summer Walker introduces her daughter, whom she affectionately calls “Bubbles”, in her latest project. The famous mom revealed artwork for her upcoming album, which featured her little one’s back.

“Digital and physical coverage,” Summer said of the images. A separate cover featured the “Over It” singer alone. “The second slide,” a fan said in reference to the photo of Summer holding her daughter while trying to talk on the phone. “The second slide is this one,” agreed another Summer supporter.

Many have been waiting for Summer Walker to release a new album since 2019. Walker is out Above on October 4, 2019, which contained the hit titles “Over It” and “Come Thru”. Dozens of music lovers have been captivated by Summer’s incredible vocal abilities. They have almost begged the artist to record new music since the release of his album two years ago.

“I wasn’t trying to be famous,” Summer Walker said in a recent interview with American songwriter. “I just used music as a form of therapy,” the recording artist told the magazine. “I have never approached music through the prism of being famous. It was always the act of creating it for me.

“Music is therapeutic for me,” Summer reiterated during her interview with American songwriter. “No matter what’s going on around me, I can just sit down and write a song. Or sing. Or play my guitar. Just be in the music. I still struggle with this concept of the “fame” part. I wish it was just about the music and not the other aspects required by the industry. I love the purity of just creating.

Many are hoping that Summer’s creativity on her latest project will include her daughter born March 24, 2021. One fan has even expressed a desire to hear a song dedicated to her little one on Walker’s upcoming album. The last project of the summer, Always on, debuts on Friday, November 5, 2021.

Photo: Summer Walker / Instagram

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