Sleeping Beauty returns to the Satiriko Theater in Nicosia, SAIT

A classic and beloved fairy tale “Sleeping Beauty” returns for a few performances at the satirical theater children’s stage.

A fascinating musical comedy full of dance, songs and colors, action and humor, sensitivity and emotion that will speak to the hearts of young and old alike.

The adaptation, created by Marianna Kafkaridou and based on one of Charles Perrault’s most famous fairy tales and the Disney film productions “Sleeping Beauty” and “Maleficent”, features a beautiful, timeless story that speaks of eternity, of the struggle between good and evil, the power of forgiveness and the triumph of true love.

Through the adventures of Princess Dawn, Evil Fairy and Prince Philip, we see that when there is faith and perseverance, honesty, empathy and kindness, we can overcome all obstacles and difficulties in life and achieve the true happiness.

We believe that the theater contributes to the true education of the soul and the spirit and acts as an antidote to the stress of everyday life. This show will entertain children and at the same time feed their imagination, help them expand their thinking and creativity and encourage them to believe in the great values ​​of life: love, solidarity, generosity, compassion, justice and peace.

Director / Adaptation: Marianna Kafkarides
Sets / Costumes: Lakis Genethlis
Choreography / Movement: Eva Papageorgopoulou
Personalize and teach music: Tasoula Vorka
Teaching Fight Choreography: Andrei Krupa
Lighting design: Vincent Christianidis
Assistant decorator / costume designer: Mikaella Cassini
Paint stroke scene: Martin Meason
Director: George Christianopoulos
Visual communication: Lenadros Taliotis
Actors: Andri Angelidou, Grigoris Georgiou, Rafaela Kavazi, Fernando Munzer, Georgia Nikolaou, Estella Tempriotos, Michalis Anaralis, Koulazis

Sunday 21 November 2020
Satirical theater 11.00
11-15 Vladimiros Kafkaridis St, Nicosia
Tickets 12 €
Reservations 22312940, 22421609