Singing Melody lead album “Summer Feelings”

the summer feelings is the perfect example of New Age Reggae, an R&B-flavored reggae mishmash anchored by soft piano riffs and a bouncy dancehall beat.

The reggae singer Singing Melody delivers “How Could You?”, the project’s title track, a well-written song that addresses the pain of grief from a male perspective. Singing Melody oscillates between bleeding all over the track from the pain of his lost love, and a typical masculine swagger as he growls, ‘gwaan if yu waan gwaan girl’. Finally Singing Melody ends with a resigned declaration: “we both lost this race”.

Whitter (left) and dad English

This riddim is a joint production between artist-producer Whitter the Legend and his business partner, Daddy English.

“This instrument was inspired by the young female artist, Sunshine Velvet due to a song she did for them, but instead turned out to be such a big project, with around 14 tracks,” Whitter said the Legend. DancehallMag.

“This project is an opportunity to showcase some amazing young talent alongside some established artists as well.”

One such young talent is Sunshine Velvet who shines with the beautifully constructed and artfully delivered “My King” where she shows the full range of her sparkling vocals.

Other notable songs from the project include Topmann complaining about the betrayal that triggers his depression as he wants to give up on humanity, as seen in the line: ‘mi outside dawg, haffi gun up and pray/mi feel fi go March and bun a day’.

Janice Lue sings a “Suicide Love”, showing incredible chops while Ocean Eyes promises to walk away from “Toxic Love”. The songwriting abilities of these young singers are quite promising for the future of the reggae and dancehall industry. Kalado drops a mouth-watering verse to the kinky “Wet for You” which is packed full of S&M imagery and raw sex imagery.

This project was made available for pre-order on March 31 and was officially released on April 8 on all shopping platforms. The project peaked at No. 4 on Amazon’s Best New Reggae Albums and No. 37 on Amazon’s Best Reggae Album Sellers.


1) Singing Melody – How could you
2) Sunshine Velvet – My King
3) Topmann – A day of their own
4) Reign of Rosh – Frim
5) Falklan – Focus
6) Jase – Two Faces
7) Dane Hype – Excitame
8) Janice Lue – Suicidal Love
9) Ocean Eyes – Toxic Love
10) Toni-X – No way
11) Brave Heart – Best Love
12) Nikay Ali – Jealousy
13) Minii – Frozen
14) Gabeana x Kalado – Wet for you
15) Barbie Hanna x Whitter The Legend – Zaddy