Shawn Mendes Foundation Funds Innovative Music Therapy and Education Program “Wonder of Music”

Shawn Mendes announced a $1 million commitment from his Shawn Mendes Foundation Canada to fund the launch of the “Wonder of Music” program on Thursday, September 15. The effort is described as a “comprehensive music therapy program” at the Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids) in Toronto, which will support a variety of music therapy activities, including songwriting, personalized lullabies, musical education and the creation of original pieces of music. tuned to the rhythm of a patient’s heartbeat.

“SickKids is a very special place for me and my hometown of Toronto, and I’m so honored to support such an important program,” Mendes, 24, said in a statement about the hospital’s innovation effort. , which the release often pointed out. serves as the first exposure to music for many infants and children. “Music has had such a profound impact on my life and is definitely a form of therapy for me. I can only hope that the Wonder of Music program will also help patients, families and staff at SickKids benefit of his power.

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According to the release, Mendes was prompted to pledge the million dollars on behalf of his foundation after hearing about SickKids’ music therapy program, in which music therapists work with infants, children and youth through one-on-one music sessions. and writing songs to help children cope. with hospitalization.

“We are so grateful to Shawn and the Shawn Mendes Foundation Canada for their incredible support of SickKids and the music therapy program,” said Carolyn Marshall, board-certified music therapist at the hospital. “For many hospitalized children and families, music therapy is an opportunity to express and process a complex range of emotions – such as anger, pain, happiness, fear or hope – in creative ways. This generous donation will allow us to continue to support our patients through music. »

Mendes, a Toronto native who has a long-standing commitment to SickKids, also announced a new line of Martin guitars made with sustainable wood and FSC-certified recycled materials on Thursday, with a portion of proceeds going to the Wonder of Music program. ; a limited quantity of guitars are available on Mendes’ online store.

In July, Mendes canceled his Wonder Tour due to what he said were ongoing mental health issues.

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