Segan presents his melodic style of drums and bass

Los Angeles-based artist Segan offers insight into his city’s drum and bass scene and delivers a mix packed with quality tracks.

Segan may be one of the freshest faces on the drum and bass scene, but he’s already starting to turn heads. First appeared with remixes of tracks like GRiZ and Subtronics‘ “Griztronics” and Tisoki and by KARRA Do not lie“In 2020, it was clear that something special was brewing. Then, Segan quickly gained momentum the following year with singles such as “Do not play,” “Champion,” and “Attack order” with PERSONALIZED to further expand his discography.

Now, in 2022, Segan continues his rise through the ranks of the scene and helps showcase the future of drums and bass along the way. Last month, the Los Angeles-based producer released his latest track, “In your armswhich drips with his melodic style that draws inspiration from British breakbeat rolls and anthems from past eras of the scene.

Following the release of “In Your Arms,” ​​Segan shared some of his thoughts on the drum and bass scene in Los Angeles. He mentioned that the city “is really the ground floor of dance music and especially emerging DnB in the United States” while pointing out the brands that are helping to promote it, such as space yacht, Brownies & Lemonadeand Respectamong others.

What I’ve really seen over the last three years or so is that a lot of great artists are incorporating more and more drum and bass/anything around 172 bpm into their sets. More importantly, as this happened, people slowly started to figure out how to dance to drums and bass, which is really the key to her success in the dance world. It definitely seemed like an intimidating genre on first listen to many, but once people got into the right rhythm of the unusually fast beat (compared to dubstep or house), the energy of these shows didn’t feel like like no other I’ve been to. It’s really amazing how passionate the people in the scene here are about drums and bass.


While Segan resides in Los Angeles, he’s also comfortable calling anywhere he can set up his barefoot monitors. “As long as I’m able to find a comfortable place to make music, that’s my home,” he said. “And being with roommates who are also passionate about music really makes me feel at home too.”

To give everyone a taste of his sound and that of the LA scene, Segan has whipped up a mix brimming with quality tracks. The tracklist includes captions like Netsky, Sub-focus, Grafixand Pendulumas well as a flurry of artists who have established themselves lately, such as IMANU, ISOxoand Justin Hawke. Of course, there are plenty of tracks from Segan himself for added impact, so give it a try!

Listen to this exclusive guest mix on SoundCloud, listen to “In Your Arms” on your favorite platform, and stay tuned for more from Segan by following him on social media!

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