See Tool Play ‘Right in Two’ for the first time in over a decade

Tool performed his first show in nearly two years last night (Jan. 10) in Eugene, Oregon. To make the night even more special, they performed a few songs for the first time in years, including “Right in Two”, which they haven’t touched on for over a decade.

The concert took place at Eugene’s Matthew Knight Arena and marked their first live performance since March 2020, just before the COVID-19 pandemic caused a global lockdown. This show, in particular, was scheduled to take place on March 12 of the same year, but had been canceled due to the closures.

As they had done in 2020, Tool opened the night with “Fear Inoculum”, taken from their 2019 album of the same name. But, as stated on, they played both nima tracks “Pushit” and “Hooker With a Penis” for the first time since 2014, and 10,000 days’ “Right in Two” for the first time since 2011.

See the full setlist and some videos from last night’s performance below.

In response to the ongoing COVID pandemic, particularly with the rise of the Omicron strain, many groups have taken additional preventative measures to ensure the health and safety of their fans. Tool, for example, hired a company that uses dogs to detect the virus among smaller-scale participant groups throughout the tour. They are specifically trained to detect COVID-19, not the flu or the common cold.

The North American leg of Tool’s 2022 race continues tonight in Tacoma, Wash., And concludes towards the end of March. See the full list of dates here.

Tool – January 10 at Eugene, Oregon Concert Setlist

1. Fear inoculum
2. Opiates
3. The pot
4. Push
5. Pneumatic
6. Grudge
7. Right in half
8. Hooker with a penis
9. Descending
10. Chocolate Chip Journey
11. Eon Blue Apocalypse
12. The patient
13. Invincible

Tool – “Droit en deux” (Live 2022)

Tool – ‘Invincible’ (Live 2022)

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