Screen time with K. Alicia Schulhoff


K. Alicia Schulhof became the first female president of Johns Hopkins All Children’s Hospital over the summer. She returned from Indianapolis to St. Petersburg, where she served as president of the Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital.

How does a healthcare leader like Schulhof interact with technology? We asked about his habits.

Device of your choice: iPhone 12 Pro.

First tap of the day: After checking in with the hospital early in the morning, The windmills for his training. “I’ve been a member for years and love the variety of options available. I really enjoy spinning and I love being able to read and work out simultaneously!”

Unmissable news sources: “My husband is a news junkie so he sends me interesting updates often throughout the day! After him I often read the Tampa Bay Times, The Washington Post, and The New York Times.”

Podcast of your choice: Becker Healthcare, Hidden brain and Radio Freakonomics.

Reading list : “I have two new books on my desk …”Political determinants of health‘ and ‘A culture for all. ‘ I am rereading ‘The advantage‘(one of my all-time favorites) and love to get ideas from’How to lead. ‘ ”

Most used application: Pandora. I listen to music all the time … when I work, train and go to bed. The classic is my favorite for sleeping but Mumford and Sons wins over everything else.


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