Scary Movies for Halloween Night – The NAU Review

When I was 17, I invited my new boyfriend and some friends over for a horror movie night the weekend before Halloween. Well… does “Arachnophobia” count as a horror movie? I got to Blockbuster (that’s right – Blockbuster) too late in the day, and it was the only movie they had left that wasn’t too scary or gory. So we looked at it. As someone who jumps very easily when things go wrong in the night – yes, a spider on a mission of revenge account.

As Halloween approaches, The NAU exam asked some of our local moviegoers and the rest of our movie community to share their favorite movie to watch this Halloween. Some are fun, some scary. Read on to discover new recommendations or remember old favorites. Good horror!

Karen Rennerassociate professor of english

Favorite movie: “The Wind”

My favorite movies change many times, but right now the one I have in mind is Emma Tammi’s The wind. Set in 19th-century New Mexico, the film offers an intimate look into the lives of farmers who struggled with loneliness, so-called prairie madness, and (perhaps) a demonic presence.

The wind is currently available to stream on Netflix and Amazon Prime via IFC Films Unlimited or AMC+ (7-day trial extension available for both).

Paul Helfordprofessor at the School of Communication and co-director of the CAL/SBS film series

Arsenic and Old Lace movie coverFavorite movie: “Arsenic and Old Lace”

Arsenic and old lace (1944) is a Halloween night comedy about murder. Cary Grant, in his comically frenzied climax, finds his sweet little virgin aunts killing lonely old men with their homemade elderberry wine. One of his brothers thinks he’s Teddy Roosevelt, and the other is a serial killer whose reconstructed face is stitched together to look like Boris Karloff’s Frankenstein. Peter Lorre, as a crazed, alcoholic plastic surgeon, has never looked so good.

Arsenic and old lace is currently available for rental on Amazon, YouTube and other platforms.

Crystal Grazianomanager, business intelligence and operationsCover of Hell House LLC

Favorite movie: “Hell House, LLC”

I know they can be silly, but I find found footage movies to be some of the most entertaining types of horror movies. This low-budget film is particularly entertaining because it sets a good atmosphere and has scary clowns. Watch it with the lights off and your back to the door for that extra spooky factor.

Hell House, LLC is currently available to stream on Amazon Prime. It is currently free to stream via Roku channel and Vudu platform.

Night of the Living Dead movie coverMichael J. Rulonlecturer, French and world cinema

Favorite movie: “Night of the Living Dead”

It’s the first movie I’ve ever owned on VHS – my parents gave it to me when I was seven! It was the movie that got me interested in horror, and now I’m such a fan of horror movies that I teach a whole course on it. Besides the fact that the star, Judith O’Dea, is a Flagstaffian, the film essentially created the modern zombie genre, and it also has several layers of social commentary to balance out the blood and guts.

night of the living dead is currently available to stream on HBO and Amazon Prime. It is currently free to stream through the Roku Channel and the Peacock platform.

Zachary Gerberapplication programmer, ITSScooby Doo and the Witch's Ghost movie cover

Favorite Movie: “Scooby-Doo and the Witch’s Ghost”

Scooby-Doo and the Witch’s Ghost is such a great Halloween movie – one that I loved watching as a kid and still love watching as an adult. There’s a lot going for it: a great story set in Oakhaven (a fictional town of Salem, Massachusetts), lots of laughs, Tim Curry and Jennifer Hale are both voice actors, and the soundtrack is phenomenal, with pop-punk/goth-rock songs from the fictional band The Hex Girls.

Scooby-Doo and the Witch’s Ghost is currently available for streaming on the Boomerang platform (7-day trial extension available via Amazon Prime) and available for rental/purchase via other platforms.

Movie cover Cynthia GerberCommunications Coordinator, NAU Communications

Favorite movie: “Hubie Halloween”

hubie halloween is an endearing take on the “scariest” day of the year. Werewolves, vandals, strange disappearances and bullies are explored as our protagonist (Adam Sandler) attempts to protect his small town of Salem. There are plenty of fantastic “scary” films, from Carrie (1976) to more recent USA (2019). Still, this movie has quickly become a favorite because it shows just how much fun Halloween is: dressing up with family and friends, doing activities like pumpkin carving, and eating candy!

hubie halloween is a Netflix Original and is currently available to stream on the platform.

Cheryl Schraderadministrative services assistant, seniorCover Poster of the movie Rosemary's Baby.

Favorite movie: “Rosemary’s Baby”

Nice story and lots of quirky but scary scenes. Much is left to the imagination, which is sometimes scarier than the horror “in the face”.

Want to watch Rosemary’s baby? On Tuesday, November 1, the CAL/SBS Film Series will screen the film. Get the details online.

Candyman movie coverHailey Hamptonfilm student majoring in media studies

Favorite movie: “Candyman” (1992)

Tony Todd is an iconic horror villain, and he’s a horror movie icon (Final destination, night of the living dead). He talks about how race and crime are interconnected and is a precursor to films such as Get out.

candy man is available to rent on Amazon Prime or on Peacock or Apple TV.

alien movie coverJeremy Rodasmanagement student with a specialization in human resources

Favorite movie: “Alien:

From the special effects to the script, Extraterrestrial always sent a shiver down my spine. Being made back when CGI wasn’t yet a big thing, the Extraterrestrial creature itself is a terrifying sight. The way he screams and uses humans to ensure the survival of his kind is horror at its best. Remember: in space, no one can hear you scream.