Satin Jackets’ 5 favorite plugins for producing Nu-Disco

Satin Jackets’ signature sound has made him a mainstay in many worlds. Whether it’s his warm vocal takes, funky basslines, grooving drumming, or unique live sets, his signature nu-disco sound has something for everyone.

But getting such a signature nu-disco sound is more attainable said than done, and it can often seem like magic to see how producers like Satin Jackets do what they do in the studio.

So we decided to lock him in, pick his brains, and find out precisely what plugins he uses to create amazing Nu-Disco songs.

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The new single from Satin Jackets is the northern star of what Nu-Disco producers should be aiming for in their productions. It’s funky, clean, warm and striking.

So before Satin Jackets breaks down their favorite synths that went into creating this track, listen to the single a few times so your ears can studio the exact timbres and nuances of the track that these plugins help you achieve.

Fabfilter Saturn 2

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This one can work wonders on the beat bus or drums and synths with a clean or tape setting. It brings out nice mids and harmonics while cutting out highs that can sound crisp.

Care must be taken not to destroy the bass or introduce too much distortion. Ultimately, the beat can feel like it has a better grip and is more present in the mix.

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Elysia Alpha Compressor

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Like the stock hardware, this one tightens the screws with every mix. Applied carefully, with a low attack, I usually separate the mid and side bands rather than the left and right channels so that I can change the stereo image a bit as well.

The result looks fuller and warmer, just like everyone wants. It can be used anytime towards the end when most of the mixing is done.

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SPL Vitalizer MK2-T

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I own the hardware but upgraded to the plugin for convenience and mobility. It adds sparkle and stardust to every mix, but it’s essential not to overdo it.

In most cases, taking the setting up a notch from where it sounded good is the right amount. I usually set the bass left to sub, which adds a nice amount of sub that we all love so much. Also, the stereo expander never hurts as long as it stays below halfway.

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Hitsville EQ Mastering

Hitsville EQ Mastering

This can now be used natively without a UA interface with the new Spark subscription model.

This is a handy tool for leveling frequency curves by checking whether a peak or dip of one or two steps sounds better than before. Again, less is more here. Fortunately, most of the changes are subtle but still sharp and noticeable.

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Native Instruments Supercharger GT

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This is my go-to plugin on the beat bus to make it sound bigger. There is a “fat” setting, but “warm” sometimes works better depending on the situation. You can apply a little of one or the other setting while sparing the compression threshold and giving just a tiny bit of saturation.

It is essential to constantly check the input signal so that it is always correctly leveled.

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