Samsung is releasing an animated movie for its 2022 “Over the Horizon” ringtone

Every year, Samsung changes the sound of its “Over the Horizon” ringtone, keeping the basic melody but asks different musicians to create a new version to keep the ringtone fresh while reflecting the current mood of the state of the world. world.

2022’s rendition of “Over the Horizon” comes from Los Angeles-based producer Kiefer Shackleford and features the musician’s multi-genre, hip-hop and jazztronica sound. The Galaxy S22 series comes preloaded with this new ringtone performed by Shackleford.

The 2022 release includes a new animated video to accompany the music for the first time. The animation was created by Grammy-nominated artist and producer Phil Beaudreau. This year’s theme is “New World”, reflecting a post-pandemic life. The animation presents people living like in pre-pandemic life in a warm and carefree light.

A large list of musicians made it into the signature Samsung Galaxy ringtone, which made me feel like Samsung was looking for solid music, not just any other ringtone. You have a five to ten second opportunity to bring a spark to everyone’s day, and I hope this hopeful, upbeat, and melancholic tune does the trick. –Kiefer Shackleford

If you want to dig into the process of creating and making the music and animation, check out this behind-the-scenes video.