Sada Baby and Snoop Dogg reunite for new single ‘2 Freaks’

Next Friday (June 10), Sada Baby will drop her next Skuba Sada 2.5 project, the reloaded version of his chart-topping oeuvre known as Skuba Sada 2. The two-disc reissue will feature five new tracks, including “Blickelodeon,” “Shred Buddy,” “Skuba Skooly” featuring breakout Atlanta Skooly, and “Leave Em There” featuring rising Florida rapper 94fatso.

Today (June 3), fans can sample Skuba Sada 2.5 with the release of “2 Freaks”. Boasting an assist from the legendary Snoop Dogg, the brand new single sees their two styles of flow seamlessly combine into one:

I’m a two-stage being like Snoop, yeah, and my kids four thousand, you ain’t whoop, hmm-hmm / Got brown skin, look like she know school, she ain’t dunno who i was i had to eat those back to school ones like bose speakers huh and in this video she’s probably not supposed to be here

Come miss my emotions with this Sprite, I don’t shake hands / You know I’m too much for anything, they dodge their features, come on, I feel like lovers, at this hour, I took a puff and took a dare / I grabbed my cup and gave it head, we bless, act like I care / Hol’ up, I think I know that freak some more , I peeked through her mascara

The above Skuba Sada 2 was the home of her hit “Whole Lotta Choppas (Remix)” with Nicki Minaj and hits like “Black Harlow”, “Aktivated”, “Slide” and “Pressin” with King Von. Additional appearances and production credits include Big Sean, Hit-Boy, Helluva, RJ Lamont and more. Skuba Sada 2 debuted at No. 1 on Billboard’s Heatseekers album chart of 2020.

Be sure to press play to Sada Baby’s brand new single “2 Freaks” featuring Snoop Dogg below.