Rose Pawn Shop, Pond, Big Joanie: Tuesday Runs

Rose Pawnbroker, courtesy.

This week has been a journey of introspection: gratitude, love and beauty. Joan Osborne offers us beauty while The Sleeping Souls gives us a glimpse of the end of a relationship. The perfect counterpart is the version provided by Big Joanie. Rose’s Pawn Shop is that sigh of relief on the aptly titled “Gratitude.” Add the psychedelic grooves of Pond and a catchy gem Anthem of Inhaler from Dublin for this eclectic playlist.

Pond“Take Me Avalon I’m Young” (Live at the BBC) – Pond, another psychedelic legend from Perth, Australia, has just released his new EP, Live on the BBC. The recording is impeccable and gives the impression of being in the studio with the band. “Take Me Avalon I’m Young” is a slow-burning song. Guitars explode and keyboards sparkle. There’s a continuous groove as the song meanders through a beautiful soundscape. Live on the BBC contains songs from Pond’s latest album, 9. Catch the band at the Fillmore in December.


sleeping souls, ‘Liar Lover’ – The Sleeping Souls are best known as the backing band for English punk singer-songwriter Frank Turner. But based on this song, they should get bigger billing. The “Liar Lover” acoustic immediately draws you in with a soft guitar strum, coming to life once the vocals come in. Although there is sadness in the lyrics, the voice of Cahir O’Doherty (Turner’s guitarist) are deeply emotional. Unfortunately, you’ll have to wait for their new album, which is slated for fall 2023.

Rose’s Pawn Shop, “Gratitude” – I was immediately drawn to this song, right from the bluegrass fiddle opening. I felt like I had entered Appalachian country. Yet this song also has a long-forgotten 70s sound to it. There’s also a bit of Americana sound and alternative folk mixed in. The punch of the song makes you want to get up and dance to Rose’s Pawn Shop. But it is undeniable that the melodies hold. They make your heart beat. Surprisingly, this group comes from Los Angeles. His new album is called life stuffed with punch.


Joan Osborne‘One Of Us’ – Joan Osborne released this video for an acoustic version of ‘One Of Us’ to support her new album, radio waves. The 1995 hit could be heard everywhere at the time. This version, which still packs a punch with the raw vocals of Joan Osborne. is more expansive and has a more personal feel. The video was shot in nature, in the middle of a magnificent canyon.

Big Joanie, ‘Sainted’ – Big Joanie from London is a black feminist punk trio. On “Sainted”, these women have a punch and never let up. The song has it all: driving guitars, a propelling drum beat, and a post-modern/darkwave sound. It’s dark and brooding with haunting vocals perfect for Halloween or a goth night on a crowded dance floor for you to release all that energy. It’s on Big Joanie’s next album, Back home, released November 4 on the label of Thurston Moore (Sonic Youth) and Eva Prinz.


Inhaler, ‘Love Will Get You There’ – When I first auditioned Inhaler, I was immediately reminded of Keane and Snow Patrol. Both bands have big catchy choruses. Lead singer Elijah Hewson is the son of Ireland’s biggest exporter, Bono of U2. (don’t look at you, Guinness). Although their music is not a reincarnation of this massive group, there is a similarity to this anthemic soaring choir. Add a few communicative, infectious hooks and this song is fun and upbeat. This is Inhaler’s third time through Tuesday Tracks.

Rachel’s Choice: The songs of this week immediately take me to the cinema »The breaking of the broken circle”, which mixes love, gratitude, collapsing relationships and, above all, bluegrass. So I went with Rose’s Pawn Shop as my favorite of the bunch. “Gratitude” brings me to a world filled with hope and gratitude. Contagious fiddles, the most gorgeous harmonies and that bluegrass/Americana sound – the song has it all. It always blows my mind that they from LA

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