ROCK OF AGES by Melody Lane Performing Arts Center

Melody Lane Performing Arts Center’s ROCK OF AGES production is now on stage at the Cultural Park Theater.

The show follows Sherrie Christian (Pepper Rhodes) and Drew Boley (Jeremy Garzon) as they fall in love with each other, with plenty of ups and downs along the way. The show is narrated by Lonny Barnett (Theo Rosso) and takes place in the Bourbon Hall on the Sunset Strip, owned by Dennis Dupree (Spencer Barney). Meanwhile, Hilda Klineman (Madison Tripp) tries to demolish the Bourbon Hall to develop the Strip, but Anita Bath (Sophia Albrecht) works hard to protest the destruction. This is a jukebox musical, and uses many famous rock songs from various artists to tell the story.

This is the high school edition of ROCK OF AGES, and the cast and crew put the show together in just one week. The show was directed by Dana Alvarez, with choreography by Sami doherty and assistant choreographer Athena Belis, musical direction of Jeremy Garzon, and technical direction of Tyler Young.

It was really fun to see what these students put together in a week. They had a few issues, but that’s understandable with how little time they had to get it up and running (and we had a hurricane this week too!). They had flashy costumes, the right setting, energetic dances, many well-known rock songs and a lot of passion. They did their best to bring the audience into the production. A note I will make is that the music was loud enough at times that I didn’t think the actors could hear themselves singing, which bothered him a bit, but they were obviously great singers when it wasn’t. was not as strong. I really like it when the shows break the “fourth wall” and speak to the audience, and Rosso has done that a lot as Lonny. It really adds to the value of the entertainment and gives you a different perspective.

Discover the production of ROCK OF AGES by Melody Lane Performing Arts Center! It’s playing at the Cultural Park Theater until July 11, so you only have a few more chances to see the show. For more information and tickets, click here:

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