Rising hip-hop artist Elliye proves her creative side as a rapper with latest Banger “SLEEK”


The independent artists who currently reign in the music industry, Elliye is one of the greatest of them. This versatile musical artist has incredible vocal skills and a creative personality that allows her to rub shoulders with different genres. The artist is able to browse hip-hop, jazz, RnB, and sometimes even an amalgamated essence of all of them. The artist recently released a track named ‘SMOOTH’ who innovates with his incredible musical arrangement.


Elliye is one of the most creative people in the music industry who is making significant strides with nothing but her talent, skills and creative personality. Originally from New Zealand, this versatile artist has Korean origins, but her soft accent and eclecticism make no difference. Eye-catching and pleasant, this musical artist seduces with her musical performances. Not only through the music, but her humble personality is reflected in the vlogs she created and motivated people to stay put and stay motivated. She has become a role model for many followers as well as for all kinds of listeners around the world.

Musical performances

In 2019, the artist launched his musical career with the track ‘DONBURI’ which greatly impressed listeners. An explicitly engaging and brutally honest lyrical approach did not fail to captivate listeners. Success is quickly followed by ‘My routine’. Later, she released an EP ’24 .95 ‘which contains four incredible tracks. A slightly softer and more melodic approach can be found in other projects like ‘Jo Malone’ and ‘Shelter’. With her musical personality, Elliye can switch between rap and singing which proves her incredible rhythmic and lyrical outfit. Her musical representations reflect a good deal of aura and psyche, as the artist is inspired by herself. She created her own label, GACH1 production.

Last version

She creates a new wave in hip hop club music with the release of the latest track ‘SMOOTH’. Finely designed and expertly produced, this latest track produces the boujee essence of hip-hop music. Hypnotic and sassy, ​​the track sets an example in the hip-hop industry. The track was also released with an official music video where she can be seen livening up the track with her dance moves. Choreography by Rina Chae; Heidi and Jasmin joined the room with Elliye and set the music video in the jaw-dropping banger. It’s directed by Shae Stirling who has done a great job capturing his steadfast personality. Follow Elliye on YouTube, Spotify and Instagram to learn more about this artist and her music.

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