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Coloratura is Coldplay in its most epic medium – a ten minute powerhouse that is nothing but a pure showcase of the talent of British musicians.

The last thing I expected from Coldplay was a ten minute epic, that’s for sure. After their new album, Everyday Life, however, the band proved that nothing is impossible for them. They’ve come back from a slump stronger than ever, and this song just pushed their sound into the stratosphere.

When you think epic, you can’t help but think of some of the prog giants who made these songs so enjoyable and welcome. While there are certainly Dream Theater influences in this composition (the brains behind songs such as Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence, forty-two minutes, and Octavarium, twenty-four minutes), it is very obviously derived from the sound. Pink Floyd classic from records such as Wish You Were Here and The Division Bell. The slow grooves, the plunging synths, the soft piano, it’s all there. The first half of the song is one of the biggest slow-rock songs of the past decade, and knowing there’s more makes it all the more exciting.

A harp bridge swings, bringing with it a host of synths, connecting the two great parts of this song. It serves as an introduction to an orchestral journey led by glockenspiel and flute, and in a 5/4 section, because of RACE, it needs a weird time signature: it’s a progressive song, after all. The song continues to tease a surge of energy a few times until it finally returns to the chorus, this time ruled by a wonderful guitar solo. The following section is the perfect blend of catchy melodies from Coldplay and elegant instrumentation from Pink Floyd, led by rising vocals from vocalist Chris Martin. The energy slowly fades, as if you were placing a sleeping baby in its crib as gently as possible so as not to wake it up. The piano, accompanied by an acoustic guitar and Martin’s laments, end the song in peace and bliss.

It’s honestly one of the best rock songs ever recorded. It might seem, at first glance, a little too similar to his inspirations, but his overall experience from start to finish far exceeds any criticism on that front. It’s a beautiful track full of passionate movement, emotional chord changes and dynamic peaks and valleys. Coldplay has proven once again that nothing can make them lose their game forever.

Nicolas gaudet

Author: Nicolas gaudet

Music producer and writer from Dieppe, Canada.


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