Rahul Vaidya reveals how “mamaji” ruined the first night with Disha Parmar: “She asked if there was anyone in the room? “


  • Singer Rahul Vaidya has revealed how his uncle walked into his bedroom at 3 a.m. and ruined his wedding night with his wife Disha Parmar.

UPDATED JUL 18, 2021 09:08 IST

Singer Rahul Vaidya tied the knot with actor Disha Parmar on Friday, but their first night as a couple was far from perfect. During a post-wedding brunch with family and friends, Rahul told his guest how his wedding night was ruined by his uncle.

A video shared by a fan page of the couple showed Rahul Vaidya speaking to his wedding guests via a microphone. He is joined on stage by Disha Parmar and other family members. “Mere mama aaj subah aae mere room mein (My uncle came to my room this morning). He’s been in my room since 8 am today. It was my first night, I want to tell you everything. all of the family, there are my two cousins, Shreyas and Arpit, they were partying with me. I told them to come to my room. I don’t know what happened but them, and my other uncle Manoj mama, came to my room at 3 am My first night is And my wife asked me: “Humare room mein aur bhi koi hai kya (Is there anyone else in our room?) “I said yes. So these are the legendary people,” he said.

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He added that he fell asleep later, but a second uncle knocked on his door in the morning, asking if he was asleep. The uncle said he was there to get a jacket. Speaking directly to him, Rahul said: “Mum, 12 baje bhi jacket lia ja sakta tha. But thank you 8 baje aake meri neend kharab karne ke liye (You could have taken the jacket back even at 12 years old. But thanks for ruining my sleep at 8). “

Rahul and Disha got married in Mumbai in the presence of their friends and family. They also had mehendi, haldi and sangeet functions. They also hosted a reception on Saturday night.

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