Quarkee presents its exhilarating and destructive style

Quarkee stopped by to deliver an exclusive guest mix showcasing his “all or nothing” mentality and proving he’s an undeniable force in hard dancing.

Over the years, the American Hard Dance scene has been home to many great artists who contribute to the scene with their innovative ideas and records. One of the artists who has been on the rise for a few years and who is finally starting to chart his own path is none other than Quarkee. This young producer spends six years making music, with the last two years culminating in some of his best work to date. It captures the spirit of American Hard Dance with a discography that spans all genres such as Frenchcore, XTRA raw, hardstyle, and more.

Growing up as a Japanese-American in Japan, Quarkee was exposed to many popular video games, including one of his personal favorites, Taiko No Tatsujin. This rhythm video game included many discs that were video games on hardcore genres, which brought it into the Japanese hardcore scene. In turn, that exposure spread to the rest of hard dancing, and today he’s big on the rawstyle genre while still keeping his taste for Japanese music. This love for hard dance music ties directly into Quarkee’s production journey, expressing that the style of the music itself was the biggest motivation for him to start making his own music.

One thing I can credit to the United States is diversity. Socially we have a lot of different people living here which shows in the culture. This is absolutely no exception for hard dancing in the United States


For Quarkee, dance music, and hard dance in particular, is the genre without which he would not survive. He says he understands “the appeal of emotional music, and sometimes a beautifully sung melody hits so hard, but it doesn’t have the power to produce literal walls of energy.” For [him]the louder a song, the better.

While other dance music subgenres also capture this energy, it’s particularly appealing when people take an aspect of a record, like the kick drum, and elevate it beyond comprehension because it’s very creative and almost rebellious. The “all or nothing” mentality resonates with Quarkee, and he credits this to his love of hard dancing, saying the genre fulfills his desire to go all out.

I think the defining difference between American Hard Dance and the stuff in Europe is going to be the fusion of hard dance with other parts of the EDM scene. Already, we see artists like GRAVEDGR mixing trap and raw, MUST DIE! fusing bass with hardstyle, and Lil Texas collaborating with many artists outside of the hard dance world.

My current little trend is hardstyle bootlegs of pop songs! I added some genre merging songs in my mix, so I strongly believe in crossing genre boundaries to create new styles. [In the future,] I can see bass music fans getting into hard dancing and vice versa. Diversity is the key to American Hard Dance!


Today, Quarkee is offering its listeners and potential new fans a real treat in the form of a guest mix for the Paradigm shift mix the series. This mix has it all, from hard dance rising stars like NONTYPE and KURORO to certified heavyweights of the scene such as rebellion and DJ Isaac, as well as a host of originals, modifications, and bootlegs from Quarkee itself. You’ll have to listen to the entire mix to find out what other weapons of destruction lie in its execution. So buckle up and get ready for one of the most exhilarating editions of Paradigm Shift yet with Quarkee!

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