Podcast: Sugar Babies Go To TikTok To Skewer Their Dads

TikTok isn’t exactly the most positive app for sex. The platform tends to censor terms like ‘sex’ and ‘stripping’ (major content creators come up with clever workarounds in their captions, such as ‘seggs’ and ‘skripping’), and female workers sex often complain of being started from the application. without valid reason. Still, content from sex workers (otherwise known as “TikTok Accountant”) tends to go viral on the app, although TikTok itself would prefer the opposite. The final example is a trend using a modified version of a line from Jon Lajoie’s classic viral song “Show Me Your Genitals,” in which sex workers show off their earnings with audio: “Men are stupid and I does not respect them. “


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Men are stupid and I don’t respect them – Lawrawr


Men are stupid and I don’t respect them – Lawrawr

As co-hosts Brittany Spanos and Ej Dickson discuss this week’s episode of Don’t let this flop, such content can be controversial, with many sex workers criticizing the tendency to offer a fictionalized version of sex work and to decrease the amount of work required for the work. Yet the tendency is ultimately less to sex work than to a general tendency for the app to confuse ‘hustle’ capitalist culture, with many Gen Z members joking about their desire for sex. fully support the labor market.

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In other sugar dating news this week, Dickson and Spanos discuss the recent split between Silly Bands CEO Robert Croak and ex-girlfriend Sophia Spallino, who made headlines in 2019 for their age gap of 25 years. (They met when he snuck into his DMs on Instagram, thinking she was his friend’s niece.) For years, Spallino and Croak were a constant presence on TikTok, posting PDAs and tips. on how to have a successful age relationship. Yet in a touching video on her page, Spallino recently posted that she has ended the relationship and is declaring herself gay, officially marking a new chapter in her life.


It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done. @robertcroakofficial and I have broken up. I’m just gay. #lgbtq #lesbiancommunity #lesbiantiktok #untamed #comingout

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This week on Don’t let this flop, Spanos and Dickson also discuss the resurgence of the One Direction and 5 Seconds of Summer groupie communities, with special guest, music writer and columnist Larisha Paul weighing in on the early days of both fandoms. Other topics include Couch Guy’s return, age limits on dating Leonardo DiCaprio, French exchange students, and a Himbo of the Week with exceptional whipped cream licking skills.


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