Parker’s story came with their very first song “Baby We (Want You To Know)”

Author: Jennifer Stone

Parker’s story, the indie duo released their first song “Baby We (Want You To Know)”. The brilliant soundtrack gathered a lot of listeners.

In the genre of pop, a duo introduced them, called Parker’s Story. This emerging duo wowed listeners with their very first song Baby we (want you to know). The exceptionally well-poured lyrics and subtle flow of the music enriched the soundtrack. Along with the meaningful writing, the song’s music creator conveyed his personal thoughts and experiences. The duo touched many audiences with their debut song. They are a pair of independent musicians who have come together to show their talent in front of the world. As a duo, they compose, record and produce their art. They created a buzz with this thematic piece of music.

Hailing from Buena Park, these performers are attracting a lot of attention for their prolific presentation. Soundtrack Baby we (want you to know) generates a refreshing atmosphere. Their creative approach is very different from the work of different artists. This duo has fascinated all music lovers. Their ability to synchronize the lyrics with the rhythmic melody caught a lot of ears. With the very first song, the artists inspired many young aspiring singers. This is only the first song Parker’s Story, much more will come after. This soundtrack is available on Spotify, SoundCloud and YouTube. Visit their profile to listen to them and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to get all the updates on their new projects.

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