Padma Shri Vikramjit Singh Sahney released her melody ‘Tu Hi Ik Tu’ with Jyoti Nooran

September 18, 2021. If the Corona virus caused a global crisis, it also revealed the superheroes present among us. Those who are trying to make the world brighter even during the pandemic. With such efforts not defined in words we have a super hero among us, the Padma Shri honored Vikramjit Singh Sahney. He made an abundance of high references as a human crusader for human values ​​and his commitment to the upliftment of society as a corona warrior arranging oxygen concentrators, cylinders and plants; rehabilitation of Afghan refugees and free training for Punjabi youth. With the motive of serving humanity, he is here to serve society to appease them at the time when almost all humans suffer from anxiety and depression caused during the pandemic with their new song ‘Tu Hi Ik Tu’ with the famous Sufi singer Jyoti Nooran. Speaking of the team, Jatinder Shah composed the music for the song. Jatinder Shah is a renowned music producer and director who is well known for his musical composition in the Punjabi music and film industry. The lyrics of the song are written by Babu Singh Maan. The video for ‘Tu Hi Ik Tu’ is directed by Pooja Gujral. She is a renowned producer-director in the music industry.

The song will be released on Vikramjit Sahney’s own label, V Punjabi Records, as the first song. This song with the melody of the music will generate the positive energy to manifest good vibrations in the listeners. Jyoti Nooran said: “I have done many projects in my past but this one is really special as I have the chance to work with the covid warrior who is a messenger from God. V Punjabi Records owner Vikramjit Singh Sahney said: “I am very grateful to the Almighty for this new adventure of my life. I have done a lot of songs but this one is close to my heart because I am releasing it as the first song on my music label V Punjabi Records. Moreover, I am truly grateful to Jyoti Nooran, Jatinder shah and all my team for their trust. I hope the almighty will bless him in this new start. Jatinder Shah Said “I felt privileged to work with a legend like Vikramjit Sahney because he did a lot during the pandemic to serve humanity. ”The video for the song ‘Tu Hi Ik Tu’ was previously posted on V Punjabi Records official YouTube channel on September 18, 2021.

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