Numbing Pain and Self-Prescribed Therapy on City Fidelia’s Latest Version “Painkiller” — Sidedoor Magazine

Setting the album’s thematic tone, the opening track “Painkiller (Into)” feels like the blurry opening of a diary entry as the Ottawa rapper reflects on different ways to numb the pain around him. , backed by a sacred vocal sample and booming drums. At the end of the song, we are left to think about different ways to deal with the obstacles that stand in our way. City suggest that rather than internalizing them, we can free ourselves by not caring so much and letting go.

One track that clearly stands out from the album is “Can’t Sleep” featuring YNR DaVinci which uses warm, playful piano keys balanced with harmonized gospel vocal accompaniment to deliver a powerful and catchy hook. There’s a stark contrast between these playful instrumentals and the chorus lyrics “I can’t fall asleep without the strap on me” leaving the song with a dark but powerful vibe.

The song “Close Call” depicts a cinematic scene where he narrowly avoids mistakes and falls victim to the trap of vices that surround him. Instrumental production and warm piano keys set the tone for lively storytelling throughout the song that leaves the listener hooked on every word.

When asked about the album City Fidelia explains:

“It’s supposed to be self-imposed therapy. I explore my inner child and express the different ways my friends and I have numbed the pain with topics related to growing up in a broken home, depression, lost love, but also a spiritual experience. This project aims to let anyone dealing with pain know that they are not alone.

The project is a sonically and thematically strong step as it explores the themes of pain that surround it and its ways to address it. City Fidelia shows her ability to navigate and reflect on her personal struggles in her life while continuing to be a strong pillar for her community in Ottawa.

Listen to the full album at Spotify