Not Allu Arjun in Pushpa, Sai Pallavi did it first in Dhanush’s Rowdy Baby

We’re sure you’ve already watched Allu Arjun and Rashmika Mandanna-star Pushpa: The Rise. We’re safer watching Samantha’s Oo Antava or Srivalli or Saami Saami on repeat. Do you do Instagram Reels too? Well, you must be. Now, apart from these songs, there is one of Allu Arjun’s gestures that has gone viral. You know, the chin rub or the beard rub. Everyone from Ravindra Jadeja to David Warner does. But what if we tell you that it was not Allu Arjun but Sai Pallavi who did it first long ago in Rowdy Baby, a song she starred in with Dhanush? Yes, we have proof.


We love Allu Arjun’s style. And not just in Pushpa: The Rise. We’ve loved him since Arya and especially after Arya 2. He’s the definition of cool. And we also saw those cool moves in Pushpa, naturally. The mannerism of the beard stands out in particular. In an interview recently, Allu Arjun revealed that it was something he just did for a particular sequence of a song they were filming. Director Sukumar liked the mannerism so much that he asked Allu Arjun to incorporate it as one of the character traits. A smart move, we would say, because look how popular it has become.

But sorry to burst your and director Sukumar’s bubble – and Allu Arjun’s too (oops) – Sai Pallavi did it first in Rowdy Baby, a song she performed with Dhanush. Rowdy Baby is a song from the movie Maari 2 (2018), which became a hit parade, much like today’s Oo Antava. You may not have seen the movie, but you’ve definitely heard the song, right? Dhanush and Sai Pallavi deliver electric dance moves, making it impossible not to dance.

After 2.43 minutes (approx) of the video, you catch sight of an effervescent Sai Pallavi doing this exact mannerism. And we landed. Watch it below:

Now, we’re not getting into the debate of who did it better, it’s just who did it first. We rest our business here.

Pushpa: The Rise is available in Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and Kannada on Amazon Prime Video, and if you fancy watching Maari 2 by Sai Pallavi and Dhanush now, head over to Disney+ Hotstar.

Psst, Arya 2 in Hindi is available on YouTube. #just say

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