NOBRO is the energy pack you need in your life – Kerrang!

The quartet is not opposed, shall we say, experimentation, That is. The closing song Life Is A Voyage was recorded in one take after the band consumed magic mushrooms. “We were in a bit of a hurry, because we had to record it at the beginning of the mushrooming effect,” Karolane says, in a neutral tone.

Pandemic legalities permitting, the tantalizing prospect of an arena tour with Billy Talent and Rise Against awaits NOBRO in April. The guitarist takes it in her stride. “We’re excited but it’s the same as playing in a bar, but with more people there,” she says with a shrug, while Kathryn laughs at the prospect of the bar owner where she works arrives and the track on stage. “He actually hates our kind of music,” she trills, though it’s obvious she’s spurred on by the challenge.

Energy is what NOBRO is all about. It’s in their songs, sure, but it’s just as clear in their attitude. Plus, given the restrictions the world lives in, there’s also a sense not only of long-awaited release, but that music could be the true energy that unites and saves us.

“It’s fun to make music that upbeat and upbeat, especially in the times we lived in,” Kathryn mused. “In the darkest moments you almost forget it exists – and then suddenly it’s there. The music! It brings you back to who you are. And you’ll be fine.”

Live Your Truth Shred Some Gnar is released February 23 by Big Scary Monsters