Niko Moon maintains the “good times” with his debut album


Niko Moon’s debut single, “Good Time” has served him well over the year and more since its first release. Not only was it the singer’s success and his first number 1 on both BillboardIt’s Country Airplay and Hot Country Songs charts, but it quickly became a rallying cry and a celebratory flag to fly for Moon and his fan base. The song shared a message of carefree optimism, dance and playful genre change that has become a large part of the singer’s catalog to this day.

In fact, “Good Time” continued to live many lives in the months following Moon’s first release, both as a duet with reggae legend Shaggy and as the title track of the singer’s live performance. Campfire sessions EP. It even inspired Moon to get a tattoo.

Now the song will serve yet another purpose, as it lends its name to the singer-songwriter’s first full-length album. Good time, a 14-song collection that includes the title track, as well as Moon’s current hit, “No Sad Songs,” will arrive on August 27.

To celebrate the announcement of his album, Moon shared another new track from the project, “Small Town State of Mind”. With its catchy and easy-going lyrical message, instant tune, and softly singing banjo in the background of the track, “Small Town State of Mind” is the next installment in what fans are quickly starting to know as Moon.

The singer co-wrote “Small Town State of Mind” with his wife, singer-songwriter Anna Moon, as well as another frequent collaborator, Josh Murty. They’re two of the same people (plus Mark Trussell and Jordan Minton) who co-created “Good Time” with Moon, and a glance at the tracklist proves they’re two of his favorite collaborators. In fact, with one exception, Moon’s wife co-authored every song on the project.

That exception is the last track, “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive”, which is a cover: the song was originally written by Darrell Scott, and Travis Tritt was successful after its first release in 2000. The version of Tritt reached No.2 on the Billboard Hot Country Singles and Tracks Table.

An upbeat anthem that appreciates small pleasures like a good meal along the way and a day free to do nothing, it’s no surprise that “It’s a Great Day to Be Alive” found a spot on the album tracklist of Moon. It fits in perfectly with the overall message of the Wellness Positivity Project which the singer says he hopes is contagious to anyone who hears the music.

“I dedicated my heart and soul to making this album and I can’t wait for you all to hear it!” Exclaims Moon. “The album is Good time vibrations back and forth, so put it on, take a cold one and crank it up to 10! “

Niko Moon, Good time List of tracks:

1. “No Sad Songs” (Niko Moon / Anna Moon / Joshua Murty / Steven Lee Olsen / Alysa Vanderheym)
2. “The Way Back” (Niko Moon / Anna Moon / Joshua Murty)
3. “Heaven for me” (Niko Moon / Anna Moon / Joshua Murty)
4. “Last call” (Niko Moon / Anna Moon / Joshua Murty)
5. “Dance with me” (Niko Moon / Anna Moon / Joshua Murty)
6. “Good time” (Niko Moon / Jordan Minton / Anna Moon / Joshua Murty / Mark Trussell)
7. “Let It Roll” (Niko Moon / Anna Moon / Joshua Murty)
8. “She’s not you” (Niko Moon / Anna Moon / Joshua Murty)
9. “The Small Town State of Mind” (Niko Moon / Anna Moon / Joshua Murty)
10. “Good to love you” (Niko Moon / Blake Bollinger / Anna Moon / Joshua Murty)
11. “Without saying a word” (Niko Moon / Anna Moon / Joshua Murty)
12. “Drunk Over You” (Niko Moon / Anna Moon / Joshua Murty)
13. “Diamond” (Niko Moon / Anna Moon / Joshua Murty)
14. “It’s a great day to be alive” (Darrell Scott)

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