New York rapper and Golden Gloves boxer Paul Rello is gearing up to release his debut single “War” featuring singer-songwriter Alyssa Puletz

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Published on September 12, 2022 |
by Jerry Doby

New York rapper and Golden Gloves Boxer Paul Rello is set to release debut single “War” on September 23rd. This single is the first taste of the talented rappers’ upcoming debut project slated for release in 2023. For its first single Paul teamed up with singer-songwriter Alyssa Puletz for her single “War,” a song that has a deep connection to tough times Paul had to face throughout his life and how he had to fight to get back to the top not only in boxing, but also with his musical career. Life has not always been easy for Paul, but he always found creative outlets for his struggles. Having established himself in the world of amateur boxing in New York, Paul refocused his attention on music with the same intensity and drive he brought to boxing over the years. It is important to note that although music is now his first priority Rello is not done with his boxing career and is already training for an unannounced fight scheduled for the end of the year. In this spirit Paul’s The latest single “War” is not only a testament to his past struggles and perseverance, but the perfect track to launch his fight to the top of the New York rap scene.

Asked about the release of his debut single “War” Paul says, “War” is about what a person endures when overcoming adversity, hardship and inner conflict. However, progress is only possible when you are ready to confront yourself and “War” is about the challenges a person encounters during these adjustments. Driven by the fear of failure, “War” delves deeper into how a person feels about insecurity, ego, bad decisions, and negative thoughts; but more importantly, it demonstrates the kind of determination, consistency and perseverance needed in the face of these toughest challenges.

Growing up in New York City in a home where police visits were frequent, Paul would retire to his bedroom and channel his emotions on paper, unknowingly beginning his musical journey. Influenced by the musical tastes of his parents, Paul grew to appreciate artists such as Marvin Gaye, The Temptations, The Four Tops, Frankie Valli and Stevie Wonder. He was introduced to boxing at the age of 15, however Paul found himself torn between his aspirations and getting caught up in a troubled lifestyle. During his high school years, hanging out with the wrong crowd and making bad decisions landed him behind bars on multiple occasions. Soon after, he was kicked out of his house and found himself homeless, sleeping in his car. The following year, he landed an apprenticeship with Local 731, a labor union based in Astoria, NY, giving him sensible structure and stability. Paul spent the next 4 years working and fighting his legal battles until he was released from probation at the age of 22. Seeking to turn his life around, he devoted himself entirely to boxing which provided him with direction and challenged him to become disciplined, committed and diligent. During this transitional period, Paul fought in 9 certified amateur boxing bouts in the United States and entered the eminent New York Daily News Golden gloves. Win your first match in the competition. Paul fought in the Golden Gloves two more times before turning to music. Now, at 31, he’s ready to show the world what determination looks like and how good it sounds. In preparing to return to competition, Paul has worked with award-winning producers and engineers. His sound has become more polished as he continues to mature as an aspiring artist. Her debut single “War” (ft. Alyssa Puletz) demonstrates her versatility and desire to make an impact in the world of Hip Hop. Stay tuned by Paul Rello socials below for more updates on this rapper’s upcoming releases as well as upcoming boxing fights and concerts.

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