Morgan Evans knows that “love is real” and that it is all around us


Country singer Morgan Evans often talks about his love for his wife, artist Kelsea Ballerini. But there are also other things that Evans really loves, like his home.

“I had COVID in March, and it was awful for about a week, but then during that second week that I had to be quarantined, I decided I was going to put a fire pit in the back. -cour, “Evans shares in a Zoom interview. “We moved from an apartment to a house last year. It’s a really nice setup.

Indeed, Evans says he loves the hearth that now lives in his backyard, the piano that now lives in his living room, and the Weissenborn guitar that now lives on his wall. He also, most certainly, loves Dibs, his dog and that of Ballerini, who usually lives right at his feet when Evans is off the road.

“We had to put him on a diet,” says Evans, laughing. “The vet actually told us, ‘Hey, you need to take better care of him.’ He’s in better shape now.

But these aren’t necessarily those Evans thinks of when he sings his new single, “Love Is Real”. Instead, the Australian-born artist – also known for his songs “Kiss Somebody” and “Day Drunk” – finds these are the little moments in life that he could love the most.

“It’s about capturing those moments and that feeling that comes when everything is going well in the world,” Evans said of the song, which he co-wrote with Jordan Reynolds and Parker Welling. “For me, it’s just an amazing feeling, and the one I wanted to share in this music.”

Evans recognizes, however, that the song has the potential to mean a lot more.

“It’s pretty easy in this world to find things around you that are a little bit horrible or people that are horrible to each other, and I think it’s important to remember that as crazy as it gets seem, there are always those moments to be found, “he reflected. “It’s good to remember them, to seek them out and to appreciate them.”

Often, notes Evans, he sees these moments at concerts. “Just being there in a moment of sharing and common ground is a special feeling,” he explains.

“It doesn’t matter who’s standing next to you when they’re next to you singing the same song as you,” Evans continues. “It’s really something special to be a part of it.”

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