‘Montero’ is an honest portrayal of Lil Nas X’s journey to fame


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Lil Nas X’s debut album, “Montero,” takes listeners on an emotional journey of self-reflection by expressing multiple themes across the 15 songlists. Reveal personal demons over accepting her strange identity, exploring the search for meaningful love, and fear of losing her fame one day.

“Tales of Dominica” sets the tone for the album from Lil Nas X’s perspective when he first started making music. The rapper’s music was not doing numbers and could not envision a successful musical career. The gentle rhythm of the piano opened the song, following a gentle drum beat as he sang, “I’m floating in a sea without an ocean / Could I be wrong? Was everyone right about me? ”

Growing up in a broken home, domestic violence was a constant phenomenon. Sleeping on an inflatable bed with no money and dealing with a drug addict mother. The psychological impacts took their toll on her mental health with verses such as “I live on the lowest level it’s safe to say / I hope my little hope won’t be faded.”

In search of a lifelong partner, “This is what I want”, a catchy and catchy lyrical song takes precedence over “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)”, “Lost in the Citadel”, ” Scoop “ft Doja Cat, and” Life after Salem, “these songs deal with meaningless intimate relationships he got involved with.

“Life After Salem” gives listeners a more in-depth look at her relationship on how her lovers only use her, but Lil Nas X will take all the love he can get with the lyrics, “Throw me against the wall / And kick me when I have to crawl / Ooh, I love it when you show no love / You know I can be your part time lover / Our scars they will dance together.

“Industry Baby” ft. Jack Harlow has a high school marching band feel with trumpet beats playing along with the lyrics, “I told you a long time ago, on the road / I’ve got what they’re waiting for.” This lyrical underdog theme plays in such songlists as “Dead Right Now”, “Don’t Want It” and “One of Me” ft. Elton John proves he’s more than a wizard all of a sudden compared to his mega – hit ‘the old town road’.

Showing off his star abilities sometimes weighs heavily on his shoulders. “One of Me” with John playing the piano has lines like “Now can you prove yourself? / Everyone’s waiting / I’m just real, swear someone hates / I can’t see you last a long time, and it’s just me being honest / Even if your album is going well, it’s a flop, it’s a promise.

“Am I dreaming” ft. Miley Cyrus and “Void” are about Lil Nas X reaching fame, feeling the pressure to succeed and fearing that one day everything might just fade away.

“Void” is a self-reflective letter that Lil Nas X writes to himself after the success of “Old Town Road” and where does it go from there. Hearing the slow rhythm matches the lyrics and listeners can hear the pain in his voice as he sings, “See I’m tired of the way I used to live /I’d rather die than live with these feelings / Stuck in this world where there is so much to prove /Each win gives you more room to lose / It’s too many ups and downs on the ride.

“Montero” is a coming-of-age album featuring a young man who hurts, feels, seeks and celebrates his journey. An honest portrayal of Lil Nas X’s life so far.


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