McDonald’s tweeted “Whatever I want for Christmas” in musical note form and got trolled by …


November 11, 2021, 11:15

Mariah Carey sets the record straight.

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G – B – D – F – G – F – D – B – G – C – D – G – D

Ah, Christmas; the smell of French fries, ketchup packets and a Big Mac in a pear tree.

Or at least that’s what McDonald’s wants you to think about, as it announced its collaboration with the Christmas menu for 2021 last night.

The cryptic message G – B – D – F – G – F – D – B – G – C – D – G – D was posted on Twitter, and fans were unsurprisingly bewildered.

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Some Twitter users immediately started guessing what the global fast food giant was trying to say.

A fan wonders if the sequence holds the secret to the meaning of life ...

A fan wonders if the sequence holds the secret to the meaning of life …

Photo: Twitter

Others, like American singer-songwriter Charlie Puth, took the opportunity to ask that their favorite McDonald’s dish stay on the menu forever …

Then the music fans in the comments section began to realize that the sequence could actually be musical, and many took to their piano to figure out the melody.

But it wasn’t until after this tweet from Christmas Queen Mariah Carey herself that everyone started to understand what had happened.

G – B – D – F # – G – F # – D – B – G – C – D – G – D are the notes (in G major) that open the Christmas classic, that of Mariah Carey All i want for christmas is you.

The 13 notes are played on a glockenspiel as an introduction to the four-minute hymn.

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In addition to accidentally teaching audiences a lesson in how accidentals can change the entire context of a song, McDonald’s used the tweet to kick off their collaboration with Carey for the Christmas menu in December.

“Just as McDonald’s brings people together around the table with their favorite food, Mariah’s music connects us all this time of year,” said Jennifer Healan, vice president of McDonald’s USA. “We’re excited to team up to bring even more holiday cheer to our fans. “

Starting December 13, McDonald’s customers in the US will be able to access a Twelve Days of Christmas-inspired “Mariah menu” if they spend a minimum of $ 1 on the fast food chain’s app.

McDonald’s and Carey hope to unify their audiences this time of year; but for us at Classic FM, something we can all agree on is that at least we’re not alto vocals. All i want for christmas This year…


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