Marty Stuart covers Marty Stuart for his last song “Matches”


Marty Stuart released another song as he heads to ‘Matches’, originally released on his 1992 album ‘Let There Be Country’ but recorded in 1988.

The song was written by Keith Stegall and Charlie Craig. Keith also wrote “Sexy Eyes” by Dr Hook while Charlie wrote a song covered by Australian band Hoodoo Gurus “The Generation Gap”.

Marty Stuart’s “Let There Be Country” was officially her seventh album but was recorded between “Marty Stuart” and “Hillbilly Rock”, technically making it her fourth album.


Marty Stuart said of ‘Matches’: “The summer of 1987 was one of the worst times of my life. I was going through a DIVORCE, sleeping on the floor of Cowboy Jack Clement’s studio after recording sessions, rummaging day to day, avoiding mirrors telling the truth about the form I was in, trying to find the place where to become a star of country and western song, while making a record for Columbia called Let There Be Country that I knew doomed from the start.

“The takeaway from this collection of tracks that was absolutely accurate was a Charlie Craig / Keith Stegall song called ‘Matches’. They wrapped their clever words in a drone vibe and dropped the song on the devious side of town. The recording of “Matches” became the highlight of my summer. In the wake of Ferg scoring a classic sound on my telecaster, we experienced a ghost moment.

“I was proud of the ‘Matches’. It’s a song that I still love and that I often perform with the Fabulous Superlatives. And, just like the Superlatives, the song has a world-class cool factor that goes with it wherever it goes. The melody never fails. I consider him an old friend and wanted to bring him with me to take a tour of this Songs I Song in the Dark series ”.

Marty Stuart is releasing ‘Songs I Sing In The Dark, one song at a time with a new song every month. The album will be released in 2022.

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