Marlo Mortel turns to music to beat anxiety

Marlo Mortel finds new hope in new song “Bituin” under PolyEast Records. Handout

MANILA – After overcoming his anxieties amid the pandemic, actor and singer Marlo Mortel turned to music and produced a new single in 2021, “Bituin,” which he hopes will bring peace and quiet to listeners.

At a virtual press conference on Wednesday, Mortel revealed he wrote the song for his best friend who now lives in Vietnam.

“We have always found peace in nature. It is about noticing this light in the midst of darkness. You know that feeling you get when at the end of a busy day or when life throws a lot at you, you look up at the sky and you will feel better. The stars give hope and a kind of calm to us human beings, ”the singer said.

“Just like the stars, kahit ano mang mangyari, madilim man minsan, they will always be there. The good thing is that we can always decide now if we want to be happy and just have peace in our lives, ”he added.

Mortal not only wrote the song, but he also co-produced “Bituin”, bringing all the lessons he learned into life, as well as studying music and vocal technology.

According to him, he was very involved in the arrangement, the final mix and the vocal techniques.

“Lahat ‘yun blood, sweat and tears and I believe it will be worth it once you hear it kasi, we are going to have’ a similar joy ‘and it really comes from within,” the actor said. about her second single, under PolyEast Recordings.

Mortel further explained that “Bituin” was the product of his personal battles last year, which made him realize how important personal care is.

“Hindi ko pala natututukan kung ano ‘yung nagma-matter most which is our self, our inner being. After ko maranasan’ yung anxiety, it went on for months. Nahirapan talaga ako. I stopped my vlogs. I stopped releasing songs. Napagod ako, ”he joked.

“The best thing to do is learn from it and get out of this situation and become a better person. This is what happened to me.”

In April 2021, he also released his first single “Mahina” which he hoped listeners would find a source of strength for as it is an honest look at how most people navigated life during the quarantine.

Mortal also said the process of creating the two songs acted as therapy for him during uncertain times.

“Music has played a huge role. Because through songwriting and music, I can express all my thoughts and emotions. It is a natural therapy for me as an artist,” he said. -he declares.

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