Marian Hill teams up with GASHI for the evocative ‘little bit’

Philly Breed Duo Marian hill is back with new single “Little Bit” from their upcoming full album titled Why can’t we just pretend, slated for release later this spring. The group enlisted the help of a Libyan artist born in the genre GACHI which adds even more depth and musicality to the output.

“A little ‘detailed’ seeing an ex for the first time after a long time and not feeling… anything?” says Samantha Gongol of Marian Hill. The indifference is tangible but also confusing at the same time, with her realization that her ex is calmer and less awkward than she is at the time. Sonically, Gongol’s resonant angelic voice glides effortlessly into a seductive melody. The moody, reverb-drenched beats contrast with her smooth vocals, further highlighting the mixed emotions upon seeing a former lover. GASHI brings a tone of surrender with its laid-back beats about letting go of the relationship.

Marian Hill started releasing music in 2013 and made her Billboard top 30 debut with the single “Down” in 2016. Since then the two have released a string of singles, EPs and albums. . The next twelve-track album Why can’t we just pretend is their first full album since 2018 with the duo promising according to the press release to “push us out of our sonic comfort zone”.

GASHI spent much of his childhood as a refugee, often moving from country to country. His family eventually settled in Brooklyn, New York and at a young age he found solace in music. He is known for infusing trap, hip hop and pop into his music and he has collaborated with a myriad of well known artists including Doua Lipa and prick to name a couple.

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