Lunay is the baby heart that Reggaeton deserves

At around 15, Lunay started making music after reconsidering his first goal of playing professional football. From the moment he started experimenting with his sound as a teenager, he discovered an innate ear for eye-catching hooks. His melodic approach to reggaeton puts it in line with the legacy of a predecessor like Daddy Yankee, who brought the iconic bow rhythm of reggaeton to radios around the world before Lunay was in elementary school, and Bad Bunny whose inventive approach to the genre has made him arguably the most visible person who does. Lunay’s sound is smoother and more R&B influenced, a take that makes his boyish good looks and constant commitment to learning new ways of writing and recording a perfect foundation for taking reggaeton to new ones. and exciting directions. The future of music is in good hands with Gen Z.

Today, Lunay shares a management team with superstar Rosalía, and after spending the first year and more of her career locked in a studio making music, her name is all over the Latin music charts with new ones. singles and collaborations that fall at a steady pace, like the famous “Aventura” alongside Anuel AA and Ozuna, or the latest “No Toque Mi Naik” with Nicki Nicole. At this point in his career, Lunay is open to experimentation and feels comfortable exhibiting ideas and words with different collaborators and in places all over the world. Showcasing his creative prowess on the go, in September 2021 he did a song live on stage at Billboard Latin Music Week with collaborators Chris Jeday and Gaby Music, the producers who discovered it and ultimately gave it to him. a chance at his first record. OK.

Billboard spent time with Lunay in Miami after Latin Music Week to learn about his creative process on the go, his growing love for performing on stage – “the energy is just different,” he explains , as well as his commitment to keeping balance in mind as he pursues his dreams. Watch the video above to learn more about Lunay, the idol reggaetón fans everywhere deserve.

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