Lumineers’ “Brightside” Presents New Album

The Lumineers will release their fourth studio album in early 2022. The bright side will be released on January 14.

While the group – co-founders Wesley Schultz and Jeremiah Fraites – announced their upcoming album on Monday (September 20), they also shared their title track. “Brightside” is a midtempo love story supported by fuzzy guitars and easy drum beat: “I’ll be your bright side, baby, tonight,” goes the chorus.

“It’s like a 15-year-old’s feverish dream, an American love story in all its glory and sorrow,” says Schultz. “The last couple is gone, on the run from something and on their own …”

The Lumineers have worked with longtime collaborator Simone Felice as producer and David Baron as producer, mixer and sound engineer; they used Baron’s Son Mountain Studios in Boiceville, NY, for the sessions. While Fraites and Schultz play much of the project’s instrumentation, Baron and Felice, along with famous backing vocalist Cindy Mizelle, singer-songwriter Diana DeMuth and Felice Brothers member James Felice also attended. studio; Lumineers touring members Byron Isaacs and Lauren Jacobsen also contributed.

Full The bright side album details are below; the album is available for pre-order on various platforms now. The record follows the Lumineers’ third album, III, released in 2019 and starring the six-week # 1 alternative radio station “Gloria”.

The Luminous, The bright side List of tracks:

1. “Brightside”
2. “AM Radio”
3. “Where are we”
4. “Birthday”
5. “Big blow”
6. “Never really mine”
7. “The roller coaster”
8. “Remington”
9. “Resumption”

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