Luke Bryan’s wife shares photo of adorable new family member

Luke Bryan’s wife Caroline Bryan introduced their adorable new family member in a social media post.

The country superstar’s wife took to Instagram on Friday (October 15) to share a photo of the family’s new cat, Lucky Bob. Bryan found the aptly named feline wandering alone in the middle of a freeway exit, where she pulled over to rescue her.

“I might have caused a traffic jam at 8 am, but she was worth it. Happy and healthy,” Bryan wrote to accompany a cute photo of herself holding the cat. The couple’s son Tate chose the name and, as Bryan explains, she really thought the lucky feline might have been a real lynx at first.

“She’s lucky to be alive and for about 3 minutes I thought I saved a baby bobcat,” she writes. “She’s so sweet and we love her!”

The Bryans are used to welcoming animals of all kinds. Caroline Bryan runs an animal sanctuary called Brett’s Barn, which she founded in 2017 to provide pet therapy to various children. Inspired by the passing of the couple’s niece, Sadie Brett Boyer, who died at the age of seven months, Brett’s Barn features a pony, alpacas, two kangaroos and other comfort animals.

The couple and their children also adopted an 18-year-old dog from a Nashville-area rescue in February 2019. The adorable gray-faced black dog was named Poochie, and he was able to live the high life with a family. of his own before his death in late February. The family then turned around and took in another dog in need of the same rescue in June 2019, giving her a home in Brett’s Barn until she could find her own forever home.

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