Lost Ark: How to Get Frustrated Emote

To get the frustrated emote in Lost Ark, players must reach a certain point in the main story to acquire a Boat Trip and a Score Song.

While lost ark provides a lot of fun and enjoyment for MMO and ARPG fans, the game may also have systems or mechanics that irritate players, making Frustrated Emote a perfect way to express displeasure. The Frustrated emote can be obtained after players reach level 38 and above, as the quest location in lost ark to acquire the emote becomes accessible during the mid-game segment of the main storyline.

To get the Frustrated emote in lost ark, players must first complete the East Luterra questline to gain the ability to travel across the seas. The quest “Set sail!” becomes available after players complete the main storylines of Rethramis, Yudia, West Luterra, and East Luterra. After, lost ark fans can use their ship to travel wherever they want on the giant open map. While it is possible to go directly to the Toto Silver Island emote quest location, players must first acquire a sheet music to complete the required quest.


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Before traveling to Toto Silver Island, players must travel to Tortoyk, an important island related to the main storyline. Specifically, the thirty-third quest in Tortoyk’s questline, “Time for Treatment,” will reward players with the song “Heart’s Melody.” To complete this quest, lost ark players must examine several magic tablets and help NPCs with medicinal herbs in the Forest of Giants. Once they have completed the mission and received Heart’s Melody, fans can do the necessary quest for the Frustrated emote, “Totoiki’s Dream: Creation”.

Frustrated Emote Guide for the Lost Ark

Frustrated Emote Guide for the Lost Ark

Toto Silver Island is one of the small islands of lost ark found in the Credos Ocean, south of Pleccia. Once you arrive on the island, talk to Elder Toto to begin a series of quests. “The Totoikis’ Dream: Creation” is the first of several quests in a series that players can complete to complete Toto Silver Island, but only “Creation” is required to unlock the Frustrated emote. To satisfy the quest, players must help Elder Toto hatch the Eggs of Creation. “The Totoikis’ Dream: Creation” is easy to complete, requiring players to go through several dialogue options to complete the quest.

Toto Elder will ask lost ark players on Steam to memorize a procedure of “three spoons of toughness, seven spoons of kindness, two spoons of ignorance, and one spoon of curiosity” for the egg. However, the player’s choices do not affect the outcome of the quest, as quest rewards will still be received no matter what. Once players complete the Toto Elder task, they will get the Frustrated emote in lost ark.

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lost ark is available on PC via Steam.

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