Let sworn lullabies put your little one under

Who ever thought Underoath would be able to put your little one under? Who is Sparrow Sleeps! The duo of composer Casey Cole and designer Peter Lockhart have created lullaby versions of some of their favorite artists, and Underoath are the latest group to get special treatment with a full lullaby album of selections from all over history. of the group. Additionally, fans can also pick up an impressive They only want sleep onesie for their toddler too.

This latest musical choice is a bit of a passion project for Cole, who says, “We took all their old hits, some of their new hits, and even the deep track ‘I’ve Got Ten Friends and a Crowbar…’ At 36, I remember seeing them during the They only seek security tour cycle and lose your mind. It’s an honor to work with a group that has helped shape Peter and myself.”

Cleverly playing off the title of one of Underoath’s most beloved albums, They only want sleep replaces some of the heavy, crushing guitars and drums and in your facial vocals with shimmering tones that will help your little one dream away, still with arrangements identifiable as the original. And it’s a great way to introduce them early to one of post-hardcore’s most revered bands.

This set includes favorites such as “Writing on the Walls”, “You’re Ever So Inviting” (see below) and “ihateit” alongside one of their most recent hits, “Hallelujah”. See the full track list and artwork below.

And as mentioned, the set comes with the option to purchase a ‘They’re Only Chasing Sleep’ onesie, giving your little one one of their first branded band items. For infants dating from newborn to 24 months, there are options, and the onesies have been printed on rabbit skins, so they’re soft to your little one’s touch.

The sparrow sleeps

The sparrow sleeps

You can stream snippets of the songs and find the platform of your choice to download the album herewhile the onesie is available at this location. And be sure to check out Sparrow Sleeps’ other lullaby selections, including recent lullaby releases from Machine Gun Kelly, Avril Lavigne, My Chemical Romance, Fall Out Boy, The Black Keys and more via their website.

Sparrow Sleeps, “You’re Ever So Inviting” (Underoath Lullaby cover)

The sparrow sleeps, They Seek Only Sleep: Lullaby Covers of Sworn Songs Artwork + track list

The sparrow sleeps

The sparrow sleeps

01 – It’s dangerous to go out the front door
02 – When the sun sleeps
03 – Hallelujah
04 – Reinvent your outing
05 – Write on the walls
06 – I’ve got ten friends and a crowbar that says you’re not gonna do Jack
07 – i hate him
08 – A living red brushed boy in black and white
09 – You are always so welcoming
10 – Too bright to see Too loud to hear

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