“Last One Standing”: a fiery rap, a melody and lyrics seal the agreement


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01 Oct 2021, 21:00

Eminem released his latest track, The last one standing, as part of Sony’s upcoming film, Venom: let there be carnage recently.

Starring singer-songwriter Skylar Gray, as well as Polo G and Mozzy, the track is touching, inspiring and instantly catchy.

While the melody is elegant, the fiery rap is groovy and meaningful.

Overall, it’s a treat.

Here is the review of the track.

Skylar Gray’s voice hooks you immediately, Polo G delivers well

Grey’s voice starts the track over four minutes long, giving an impression of Rihanna’s voice from Love the way you lie.

Notably, the super hit 2010 track was also co-written by Gray.

Then we are greeted with a hard-hitting first verse from Polo G.

The lines: “Has been so many times that God has tested me. They only see the answers I got “are deep.

Mozzy’s verse is a bit pale but Eminem rules hardcore

Mozzy's verse is a bit pale but Eminem rules hardcore

Followed by another chorus, Mozzy enters for the second verse.

But its lines and speed seem a bit pale in comparison.

The momentary dullness is soon lifted in the bridge.

And then we come to the best part: Eminem’s verse.

Marshall Bruce Mathers III shows, once again, why he is an untouchable figure in the rap world.

Welcome to the god of rap!

We receive a message on the anti-hero theme

The 48-year-old returns it to his detractors in the lines: “I’ve learned to transform resentment and pain … It’s the nerd’s revenge, in every sense of the word. But all you do see, it’s fame and millions. ”

Stay true to Venomtheme of the protagonist with gray tints, the song also talks about the ease with which it is “to paint [someone] The mean one.”

Don’t wait any longer, add it to your playlist!

Don't wait any longer, add it to your playlist!

I’m sure listeners would add The last one standing to their favorite playlist after the first listen.

You can try the song on YouTube or any other music streaming platform.

Verdict: the song gets 4/5 stars.

To note, Venom 2 hits theaters in India on October 14 and October 22 in Maharashtra.

Director Andy Serkis stars Tom Hardy and Woody Harrelson.


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