Lanetra King promotes her gospel

Singer Lanetra King’s debut single, “Sufficient,” is as poised and confident as it gets.

Empowered by a clean, minimalist arrangement reminiscent of early 2000s R&B, King delivers his uplifting gospel message with a full, floaty style that cements his position as a seasoned music industry veteran.

Although the Lowcountry native grew up singing in the church choir and playing the organ at her grandmother’s house, she never really considered making music professionally.

“Music is something that I ran away from for a very long time, because of my own personal insecurities and a feeling that I wasn’t good enough,” King admitted. “I was very shy when I was singing. It’s funny, at my single release party, there were people from the church I grew up in and they were like, ‘Wow, I didn’t know not that you had that in you!’ »

King got into music after building an impressive advertising business, which she had assumed was her main business. But in 2017, she also felt a call to pursue music. “I really felt that God fell into my spirit to take this on in faith,” she said.

His business connections would soon come in handy. King would eventually be linked to Grammy-winning producer and songwriter Jovan Dawkins, who produced “Sufficient” over the course of a few days in Los Angeles.

“He heard [the song] and wanted to put his own spin on it,” King recalled. The producer also brought in Candice Wakefield to make some subtle changes. Wakefield is a gifted singer and songwriter whose credits include records by Nicki Minaj, Fantasia and Robin Thicke.

“She’s so encouraging and uplifting, and has such a talent with melody,” King said of Wakefield’s contributions. “She changed a few words and changed the melody and then it became what it is today.”

King plans to release more singles and possibly an EP, but wants to give “enough” time for a full promotional campaign. His hope is that his R&B sound and style can bring his message of hope and peace to a wide audience.

“I want to catch them with that R&B feel, but have that inspirational message that maybe they weren’t expecting,” she postulated. “My goal is to reach everyday people who may not even set foot in church and give them a chance to be inspired by this music.”

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